Friday, March 8, 2013

Episode Fifty-eight of Lilith's Escape

Back inside the underground hide away, below the subway station, the evacuation was in full swing. Bradley, Tzaddik and the other marines were packing up the weapons, ammo, and what little food supply was left. Rita, Lilith, Jones and the older children took care of preparing the children, while Scouter and Edward packed up the maps and two short wave radios.
“Are there other resistance groups in this city,” Edward asked Scouter.

“Yes, four in this city…in fact, we’re going…” Scouter was interrupted by a little girl, who had wrapped her arms around his legs.
“Outer…are you coming with us?’

“Hey, little bit.” Scouter picked the toddler up and threw her up into the air. “Yes, we’re all going.” The child was so painfully thin, but her eyes were bright and her laughter, infectious.

“So what’s your name?” Edward asked the girl.

“I’m three.”

“We nicknamed her ‘little bit’, now say hello to Edward,” Scouter urged the child who was now playing shy.

“Hello…” she said and then hid her face against Scouter’s neck.

“Are her …?” Edward was about to ask, but Scouter shook his head.

“Little bit, we need to finish packing. I’ll come for you, later.” Scouter placed the child on the ground and off she went.

Edward waited until the child was out of earshot and said, “Are her parents dead?”

“The Illuminati have their own soldiers, mercenaries who gathered up the people in each city, to be used as slaves for the new order.”
“Even the children?” Edward asked.

 They placed the children into retraining camps…that’s what they’re calling them, but it is brainwashing, plain and simple.”
“But, the children here; how did you save them?” Edward asked.

“We were able to save some, by ambushing the trucks as they were being moved to the camps. But,  ‘little bit’, we found at a nearby wildlife preserve.” Scouter replied, and then quickly glanced at the door.

“What happened?”

“She was sitting next to her older brother; he was dead.”
“What about my country? Were my people enslaved?”