Friday, March 22, 2013

Episode Sixty of Lilith's Escape



It took most of the day to move through the underground ruins that was once a working subway system in the city of Philadelphia, with the majority of time spent climbing over the wreckage from the bombing. Scouter carried the child known as little bit on his shoulders, while Edward held the hand of a boy who had to be about six years old.
“I’m hungry,” the boy told Edward.

“So am I, Peter,” Edward replied. He picked the boy up into his arms and hurried his steps until he reached Bradley. “We’ve been walking all day…these kids need a break.”

“Let me check with Tzaddik. Here, watch him,” Bradley replied before handing over an older child to Edward.

Edward was exhausted, but he managed a smile as he asked the boy, “What’s your name.” But, the child never replied, only stared off into space.

“He saw a monster and now he don’t talk,” the six year old explained.
Edward wondered what type of monster this kid had seen and was it scarier than the zombies that they had fought, earlier. Whatever happened to the boy, it must have been bad.

“We’re taking a 15 minute break,” Bradley said as he handed Edward a package of crackers and a bottle of water to share with Peter. While everyone took advantage of the meager meal and needed break, Bradley whispered to Edward “We have to make it to the museum before nightfall.”
                                                        Edward knew why.

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