Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bombshell Pinups at the SoHa Arts Building

I’ve written about my marvelous friend, Mandy, of Bombshell Pinups before, and I recently wrote about my grandson Nathan participating in a class about DNA at the SoHa Arts Building…folks you need to check this place out!


Mandy has her photography studio inside the SoHa and she has all kinds of specials coming up. Right now, Mandy is doing photo shoots on the Maleficent character portrayed so deliciously by Angelina Jolie in the Disney film. Here is Mandy holding two of the headpieces that you can choose from when you go to have your photo done. Check out that dragon throne. I love it.



When I needed an author’s photo for the back cover of my apocalypse novella, there was only one person I would trust with this task and it was Mandy. This is the picture I went for and I have received so many compliments from people who have bought my book. Thank you Mandy!
Here are some upcoming photo shoots that Bombshell Pinups has planned.

Maleficent photo shoot until the end of June

Housewife special for July.


Where you get to dress in vintage clothing and pose in a vintage Kitchen scene. Mandy has a large selection of clothing to choose from. She also does your make-up for the shoot


Mandy is also working on her Tarot Cards photo shoot complete with wardrobe to depict the different scenes normally seen on Tarot Cards. This sounds so exciting. She also has plans for a Alice in Wonderland scene, Carnival scene, Halloween Special photo shoot and a Christmas Special photo shoot.


What a wonderful gift to get for your sweetheart or husband! A picture of your dressed sensually in vintage clothing against a vintage background. So check out Bombshell Pinups and make someone happy.

Right now, for anyone interested in Steampunk, Mandy is selling her Steampunk Grandfather Clock. Contact Mandy if interested.

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