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Steampunk Granny's Interview with Actress Genoveva Rossi


I have met many talented people either through my Steampunk adventures or my Ghost Hunting adventures and I’ve learned so much from them. I became acquainted with the lovely and talented actress, Genoveva Rossi, through my interviews of Director Chris Eilenstine of The Soulless. I’m very happy to have Genoveva as a guest on my blog.

Marie Gilbert: “How did you get started in acting? Did you always want to be an actress?”

Genoveva Rossi: “This was something that had always interested me since I was very young as far back as nursery school, I was in school plays. In nursery school, I played a Lady Bug, but I don’t remember what I had to say, but I was very excited. I’ve always had that interest and by the time I got into college, I started doing some short dramatic films with college students that were working towards their film study majors and things like that and I was taking acting classes as well.


Then, one day awhile after I graduated from college someone Jennifer Valdes and Fallen Faith had posted on my Facebook wall that they were looking for people to star in a horror film and did I want to be in it. They wrote a part for me and I went out to Long Island to this old haunted house and farm and I played a sexy Satanist in Jack 'o' Slasher, my first horror movie and I met a lot of consistent people on the set of that film, especially, Director, James Balsamo.


 I did his next film, I Spill Your Guts, which actually got huge pretty quickly and James Balsamo became famous all over the world for that. James got didn’t know how big it was going to become and I didn’t know how big it was going to become in the horror genre, but I still get a lot of feedback at Conventions where people recognize me from that film. I also get fans messaging m from all over the film to ask about this film.

I was doing Zombie Hunters at that time and I was in episodes nine and ten as a National Guard soldier. I had met Patrick Devaney the director from Chiller Theatre that I’ve been going to since I was a kid. I asked him if him if he had a part for me and he said, “You know what I have a part for a soldier, which I haven’t cast yet and I was going to cast a man, but we’re living in a modern world where women are soldiers too, so why don’t I cast a woman and why don’t I cast you.” So, the part was given to me and I got to wear camouflage and I got to handle an M-16. This was so interesting and I had fun."


Marie Gilbert: “This was a television series?”

Genoveva Rossi: “Yes it’s on Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead. It’s been going on for years and each episode is around thirty minutes. I was on episodes nine and ten and there’ll probably be some more episodes down the road as well.

Marie Gilbert: “Now, where can people find these episodes?”

Genoveva Rossi: “People can find them on  It goes on Public Access television stations on some parts of the country. You can Google it. I don’t think it’s on Netflix, but you can probably buy it. There are a lot of places that distribute it and you can buy it. It’s been around for a while and it’s very much like a soap opera and it follows so many different characters lives.”

Marie Gilbert: “You started acting right out of school and it looks like you do mostly horror.”

Genoveva Rossi:  “Yes, but as far as horror, I can go through my IMDb to tell you what isn’t horror. Sanctum Deep is actually a Sci-fi horror film directed by Geraldine Winters. We just shot that pretty recently and it’s been getting some press. Midnight Show is an interesting film and a collection of trailers of all kinds of movies and is more of a fantasy movie. Then we have The Soulless, which is more like a sci-fi drama. It has zombies in it, but it’s not really a horror film. Also, it doesn’t have crude language or sexuality in it and there is not going to be exclusive violence. I would call it a dramatic series with serious dramatic acting.”


Marie Gilbert: “I did an interview on Director Christopher Eilenstein here and here and also with actor Joe Parascand on The Soulless and I was invited to the Premier of part one and I was very impressed with the movie. What part did you play in The Soulless?”

Genoveva Rossi: “In part one; I played a part of a zombie and also a person running from people. We don’t shoot on some days consecutively, but I’m a team player and I’ll to help when needed. I pop up as a member of ‘the soulless’ as a soldier, Charlotte Elling going around and killing zombies and trying to save the human race in parts 2 and 3. In fact I actually have a duel role in that I play Madam Serling, a fortune teller and she is in part three.

You don’t meet my characters until part two when we go away on location with the main characters. In part three, Madam Serling pops up and I play that character with a wig, make-up and a French accent and Christopher was impressed on how unrecognizable I was at being the same actor. He said that the people he showed this film to did not know it was me."

Marie Gilbert: That’s really neat.”

Genoveva Rossi: “Well it challenging for me as an actor. I didn’t know if I would be able to pull it off, but after Christopher shot it he said it actually came out better than he expected, which is what you want to hear as an actor.”

Marie Gilbert: “This opens your career up now because other people are recommending you, right?”

Genoveva Rossi: “Yes, that’s right. If things work out and you’re a good actor, you’re reliable and you have a good positive attitude, it gets around. In fact I was working on The Soulless when I got cast for Trailer Heaven, which is being directed by Michael Chartier and we’ve already starting shooting that film, but it’s not on my IMDb yet. Trailer Heaven stars Edward X Young, myself, Alan Rowe Kelly, and a whole bunch of other wonderful actors. I play a reporter in that film, Jennifer Devine.
The film is about a con artist played by Edward X Young who seeks sanctuary in a trailer park inhabited by cannibal transvestites”

Marie Gilbert: laughing says, “This is going to be a good movie.”

Genoveva Rossi: “It’s going to be amazing and thatstically done with the great acting and with the strong cinematography. What I’ve seen so far, it looks spectacular. I play Jennifer Devine as homage to the actress Divine  who acted in a bunch of John Waters' films.”

Marie Gilbert: “I know Devine. I love the actor. Thank you for doing part one of the interview, Genoveva and we'll continue with part two next week.

I have to end part one of the interview with Genoveva Rossi here, dear readers, but don't worry, Genoveva will be back next week to tell us more about her acting career.  

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