Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bookstores, Weddings and Steampunk, Oh My!

This was a great weekend because I spent it doing fun things with friends. Friday night my husband Dan (the silent partner who wears many hats: audio, video and computer tech for his tech-challenged spouse along with playing chauffer whenever I need to get somewhere without getting lost) were in the charming town of Millville, New Jersey. I was there to do a book signing at Bogart’s Bookstore and Café.

I’ve mentioned many times on my blogs that there is something magical about this town, the residents and especially the bookstore. There are many ghosts that dwell in that town and it may be because of its rich history and the fact that there is a river nearby. Water is conductive to spirits. There is a story that Millville had an underground railroad at one time that was used to fight the horrid practice of slavery. There are ghosts in that town. I sense them and I’ve written about several of the ghosts that stay at Bogart’s Bookstore & Cafe. My guess is that the owner, Amy, has such a pleasant and welcoming personality that people, living or dead, want to be around her.

Today Millville has an arts district named the Glasstown Arts District. A public art center with galleries and studios is the hub of activity, and is open six days a week. Seven full-time galleries and ten part-time galleries and studios are open mostly on weekends and on the third Friday of each month. Wheaton Arts and the Creative Glass Center of America includes a major collection of early American glass with contemporary glass from CGCA Fellows and working glass artists in a restored 19th century glass factory. The Levoy Theatre successfully re-opened on September 9, 2012. You need to visit this town on their Third Friday and Third Saturday events and if you do, stop in and say hello to Amy.

I had fun at my book signing and per tradition took a photo with the first person to buy a book. Thank you, Glenn Lillie.

On Saturday, my husband and I headed to Chester and the New Hope Baptist Church for the wedding of friends, Cynthia Cain and Geoff Bilbow.  Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bilbow.


                                       Me with Cynthia's oldest daughter, McKenzie

Saturday night was the grand return of Gil Cnaan’s Dorian’s Parlor. It was held at the William Way Center at 1315 Spruce St, a beautiful building. I convinced my friend and fellow author, Loretta Lombardi of “You’re Hot, I’m Hot” a cookbook for lovers, to join me in the celebration of Dorian’s return.

Gil Cnaan on stage
We met such wonderful and talented people and enjoyed the endless parade of Steampunk fashions and were entertained by such acts as The Wandering Cellist

                                      and Eli August & the Abandoned Building Band.

Thanks to Montague Jacques Fromage, I have a few pictures to share with you.

                                                              Montague on left
You don’t need to dress up in Steampunk to attend one of these events, but once you’ve visited an event, I’m sure that you’ll be dying to get yourself an outfit.
Jane and Marie



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