Friday, October 17, 2014

Steampunk Granny Interviews Jack Flacco, Author of the Ranger Martin Series


I had the honor of reading Jack Flacco's newest book in the Ranger Martin series, "Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion". I loved it as much as the first book. You'll love the fast moving, edge of your seat action, and you'll love Ranger Martin and his team of misfits. I had the chance to interview Jack, recently and here is what we talked about.

Tell me how your first book is doing and what were the reviews for this book.

My first book in the Ranger Martin series, Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse, became an Amazon best seller for months after its initial release. Tracking on multiple lists worldwide (i.e. Young Adult, Horror, Dystopian, etc.), it hit #5 on the Canadian Horror Best Sellers list with Stephen King as #1. The book also hit #1 on the Hot New Releases list in Children’s Horror. In the U.S., Spain and Australia it placed in the Top 50 on a consistent basis, leaving me bewildered in the process. I can’t say how grateful I am for all the folks that had supported the title.

The majority of reviews were positive with readers liking Ranger Martin as the shotgun-toting hero out to rid the world of the undead.


What did people like the best about Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse?

I kept hearing the same two things coming from people who had read the book. First, they enjoyed the relationships between Ranger and the kids, each had personalities and each had different backstories. Second, they enjoyed the action that starts from page one and doesn’t let up until the final page.

Gosh, that sounds so much like I’m bragging, but that’s the audience’s overall reaction toward the book. Smack me a few times if I get too high on myself, okay?

What is the name of book 2 and what happens to our hero and his friends in this book? (Just a short synopsis without giving anything away)

The name of the second book is Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion. Soon after the events of the first book, Ranger and his tagalongs have another enemy to face—aliens bent on reducing humanity to a pile of liquid waste. On their journey home, they encounter zombies, the military, and things not of this world in a race to escape Utah for the calm of the Mojave Desert in Arizona.

Did you find the writing of a sequel harder than the first book? (I ask because I felt my first was much easier to write)

Well, I write every day, and because it’s now a habit I find whatever I write flows to paper without much effort. Editing the sequel was harder to do because I had to keep the same tone as the first (i.e. style, setting, pacing, etc.) all the while trying to explore deeper levels of the characters.

Will the readers be meeting new characters?


When can we expect the book to be out?

It’ll release on October 21.

Is there a book three in the works?

Can’t say.

What other projects are you working on as far as writing?

Again, can’t say.

Can you at least give me something to work with?


I’m kidding. Actually, if you follow me on, I tend to drop many hints of what I’m working on and where I’m going. I’m predictable, really. I enjoy autumn settings where the colors change and the leaves fall. I love inspiring stories where there’s a moral dilemma and a resolution no one thought of before. And I find comfort in reading about those who overcome great trials to become a light to the world.

I noticed (unlike other authors) you don’t talk about writing on your site. Why?

I suppose because I’m too busy writing. If I were on a writing panel, I wouldn’t have a choice other than to talk about it. What else would I otherwise do? Sit and stare? In that context, sure, I’ll talk about writing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Put blinders on. Keep moving forward. Never give up. How’s that for cliché? Forget about everything that goes on around you and stick with your goals. Forget about what others are doing and keep working hard. Your success is your own. It’s what you make of it. Most of all, time is your most precious commodity. Don’t waste it.

Where can we reach you?


Thank you, Jack for being my guest today and for all my little zombie snacks, "Get out there and buy both books."


  1. Thanks for having me, Marie! I also appreciate the wonderful work you're doing with your book!

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