Monday, October 27, 2014

Weddings, Babies and Bison Burgers

I had to get my hair colored and cut for a wedding coming up this week. My cousin Anna’s son and his soon to be bride are having the coolest wedding ever. They are getting married in New Hope, Pa. on Halloween. Cool, right? After the wedding ceremony, there will be a reception followed by a Halloween party. You know that I’ll be going Witchy/Steampunk. There will be a blog and pictures coming your way.

So...I had to get rid of those pesky little gray hairs, and I headed over to my nieces house for her to do my hair. Amanda just had a new baby; the third boy, and a real cutie pie. Welcome to the world Marco. While she did my hair, the baby began to fuss. He was tired.

Amanda placed baby Marco in this baby rocker that looked like it came right off the Starship Enterprise. It was amazing. It’s called the Mama Roo Infant seat, but it doesn’t move like anything I’ve ever seen. It was more of a gliding motion and it came with an assortment of sounds: rain, ocean and forest.
I asked Amanda if it came in adult size. I have the hardest time falling asleep. I was ready to tell little Marco to move over and let Aunt Marie catch a few zzzz’s. We didn’t have stuff like this when my daughter was born in 1968. This was the only rocker we had for babies.
I also had a swing for my baby back in the days, but nothing as nice as they have today. We had to crank up that old swing and it made such a racket swinging back and forth.

So you have some idea what was around at the time, I was washing my cloth diapers by hand and then in the washing machine until pampers made its debut. Babies have it good today and that’s a wonderful thing. Marco was very content in his Mama Roo .


I have not eaten ground beef for at least 21 years. I almost died from eating a hamburger. ECOLI...thank God I was working for the Chief of Pennsylvania Hospital’s Urology Department or I would not be here blogging. Our food is dangerous; our cattle fattened with antibiotics and hormones. I only eat free range chicken, turkey and fish.

Several restaurants have started offering bison meat on the menu. I love Bison Burgers, but I don’t have the money to eat out as often as I’d like, so....I found out that our local Acme was selling ground bison meat. Thank you, God!!

Great Range Bison of Rocky Mountain Natural Meats is fed natural grain, hay and native plants. There is no fat and the taste is out of this world. I want my own bison, but I don’t think the neighbors would approve.
We need to force our government officials to take all the additives out of our food. It’s making us sick, but until they do; eat bison!

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