Monday, November 3, 2014

A Message from Steampunk Granny


      Vote like your very life depends on it

This goes out to all the young people out there and the baby boomers who should know better. It is a right and a privilege to vote. We have fought many wars for this right. Get out and vote!!!

I don't care what party you vote for...just get the hell out there and vote...because you loose what you don't use.

If you feel that government has no authority to tell a woman that she can't use birth control, then my little zombie snacks vote Democratic.

If you feel that it's wrong for Big Corporations to commit treason by moving jobs overseas just to get out of paying their taxes...then vote Democratic.

If you feel that we should have stronger regulation over the crap they're putting in our foods and that our foods should be labeled with the amount of toxins, sugars and salt which is in the package...then vote.


If you feel that it's wrong for government to interfere in same sex marriages...then vote Democratic.

If you feel that there is something wrong with a political party telling us to hate the poor and that the poor want to be poor...then vote Democratic.

Political parties, both Republican and Democratic...but mostly Republicans have been stealing from Social Security for years. Tax payers like me have paid into this system since our first day on the job. Punish the party that wants to take Social Security from the people who paid into it....and from little munchkins. I've been working since I was seven years old and unlike big corporations, I've never cheated on my taxes. I paid into the system. Don't cheat the little guy go after the bums who won't pay their fare share.

Congress has disgraced us in front of the world by being a do nothing entity and all because they want to disgrace Obama to the world....but you know...they make us all look like fools. Kick every one of the bums out and install the people who will show up every day to work and speaking of is Granny's new rules

1. Congress only gets the same health care as the poorest person in the country...they want better...they pay for it. What's good for the goose is good for the lazy ganders.

2. Congress only gets paid for days worked...And, they only get two weeks vacation. They wanted to be in politics and that is all they get.

3. WE stop the big retirement packages for people in Congress. Until all the tax payers have a decent living wage and a decent retirement package, Congress gets nothing!!!!


4. Put more money into education... and more money into taking care of our veterans who risk their lives to fight a war to make certain people rich. How dare we make education so hard to achieve? If we tax these fat cat corporations, we'll have enough money for every child to go to it?


It doesn't matter what political party you belong to, it just seems that an honest man or woman have a hard time keeping their morals when lobbyists are able to bribe them with big gifts. Until the tax payers have a lobbyist, all special interest and big money corporations should be banned from Washington D.C.

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