Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dockside Comdominiums And Waterfront History with Harry Kyriakodis


Yesterday I headed out to the beautiful Dockside Condominium as a guest of Harry Kyriakodis, a fellow writer. Harry was there to promote his book, “Philadelphia’s Lost Waterfront” and he invited me to sell my apocalyptic book, Roof Oasis, after he was done his presentation.

This was my first time at the Dockside and I was quite impressed with the building’s exterior and interior design. The meeting room on the fourth floor where Harry and I were to do our presentation has the most stunning view of the waterfront.
I only took inside photos of the view because it was too windy and way too cold to go on the large balcony; next time, I’ll brave the outdoors.

The lovely people in charge of events at the Dockside had a wonderful buffet of sandwiches and desserts for this presentation. The room was packed with people interested in learning about Philadelphia’s lost waterfront history that was primarily done away with when interstate 95 was built, which is sad considering the history that was covered up by progress.

Harry proceeded to give an in-depth history of the ports of the Delaware River from the time of William Penn to present day. Philadelphia became the first major shipping port in North America, but Harry’s presentation which included a historical slide show was more about the people, rich and poor, who made their livelihood from the businesses that grew because of the seaport trade. 
I love history and this was one of the best presentations I’ve seen in a while. Due to time constrictions, I am being invited back to the Dockside to do a book signing at a later time. I will let everyone know when I do. You’ll want to see this beautiful building that sits on the very dock that was part of Harry’s historical presentation.

To learn more about my friend Harry Kyriakodis, check out his website, Hidden City, on Facebook and on Twitter.

And to learn more about the Dockside Condominiums check out their website.

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