Sunday, December 7, 2014

Finding God in a Drum Solo


Last night, I was invited to an event called "Grounds for Good Coffee House" by a friend and fellow writer of The South Jersey Writers' Group. Kathy Appleton and her husband, Jay are part of "The Church Praise Band at the First United Methodist Church.


I asked two other friends to join me and off we went to Moorestown, New Jersey with me driving and using my GPS to get there because as all of you who follow my blog know, I have no sense of direction. We got lost, but we finally made it to our destination after my GPS, with some nasty attitude, recalculated our route.


I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic School for twelve years and continued going to the Church until a few years ago. I haven't been a fan of organized religion for some time now. I never felt that GOD was about religion. HE is about love,  compassion, forgiveness and, more importantly, not judging others and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want us bad mouthing the poor or blaming them for being poor.

I'm a very spiritual person and have a close relationship with GOD even if I haven't been going to church. I've found that when I listen to music that certain songs, be it rock, punk, rap or new wave, remind me of the Creator and I feel at what does this blog have to do with finding God or drums?


I was really enjoying the music played by The Church Praise Band. The singing was excellent and Kathy was amazing on the harp, but it was the drum solo for the song about the little drummer boy that made me feel like God was sitting right next to me, tapping his fingers on the table and tapping his feet on the floor. I am going to try and make other events when "The Church Praise Band" is playing. I might bump into GOD again. Here is a video with the drummer (I don't know his name) it's about five minutes long. Enjoy.

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