Saturday, July 2, 2016

Reincarnation and Our Beliefs About Death


Dead is dead, or so we’ve been told, but what if we can return many times. Does the Creator give us a choice because of our free will? Is the possibility of many lifetimes, or a second or third chance to get it right, feasible? Christian religions deny reincarnation because their working formula is all about Judgement. There is almost joyfulness in their expectation of an eternal punishment. Mankind has been forced to look at the afterlife as time served in either hell or heaven. But, what if the Creator is only about love and wisdom? Is one lifetime enough to understand the meaning of life? I’m still trying to figure out how to work my smart phone let alone understanding the mysteries of life.

What do the dead tell us? There is no denying that spirits who have passed away, do keep in contact with their loved ones. I have ghosts living in my house. The Creator, the dead have seen, is not vindictive or cruel. The GOD that made all life is pure love. Would he be so intent on judging us after one lifetime? I think not. I always see GOD as a wise and sustainable loving spirit. The creatures he created were made to adapt, to evolve and to learn. A quick fly through in human form, be it 1 year or 100 years is definitely not long enough to understand the beauty of HIS love.
I don’t think everyone comes back...but there are those who have returned many, many, times. Was there a lesson these old souls needed to learn? Were they sent back to help nudge mankind in the right Tesla or Einstein?
Do we just reincarnate on this planet, or do we return wherever there is sentient lifeforms living throughout the universe?
Organized religions argue that there is no such thing as reincarnation...but these are the same people who tell us to hate those who are different and, who also start wars in the name of GOD...which makes me understand why the thought of reincarnation frightens them so. GOD is love and thus, I feel that he wants us to ask questions that need to be answered. Because HE is pure love, I doubt that my believing in reincarnation is viewed as sinful. He is my Heavenly Father and he wants me to think outside the box created by closed minds.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Why?


  1. I believe. We come back to keep perfecting our souls. We are sent here for a divine purpose. LS