Friday, April 27, 2012

The Money Pit

The other day while the little girl I watch was taking a nap, I had a chance to catch an old movie on T.V. The Money Pit which came out in 1986 and featured Tom Hanks and Shelly Long is just as funny now as it was when I first saw it.

I love shows about home repairs and my all-time favorite is Holmes on Homes. You can watch this show on the Home and Garden Channel. Mike is usually called in to repair what other construction companies had failed to fix or inform the owners of the defects that their home inspectors failed to point out.

This brings me to my daughter and her husband’s first home. Instead of a large wedding, they suggested a small intimate wedding, wishing to use the money the parents were going to plop down on a party for a home of their own.

They were able to find a home near to her grandparents in Southwest Philadelphia. It was sold as is, which translates to this.

They bought the house several months before they were to get married and because of the condition of the house, sent out a call for all hands aboard. Everyone came to the rescue from the oldest member to the youngest.

The kitchen floor was slanted which meant there was close to a ten inch drop from the doorway to the other end of the room. It gave the effect of being inside the funhouse at a Carnival.


The wall paper was a nightmare. It was old and ugly and after we scrapped through the first three layers, we were discouraged to find even more ugly paper underneath.

We finally had to call in the big machines to help.

We were on a deadline and as the work progressed, tempers flared. Everyone was putting their two cents worth of advice into the fray.
At one point, we were ready to tar and feather the men and I’m sure they were ready to return the favor.
There were at times at least twenty people in that little house. We were scrapping, painting, leveling the floors, etc. etc.

When the house was finished, it looked as grand as a castle.

Thanks to all the parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and whatever friends we could drag into service, sometimes by force.

             After, there was a grand celebration.

So I guess you can see why I still laugh at the antics from The Money Pit and why Mike Holmes is my kind of super hero.