Friday, April 27, 2012

Part Thirteen of Lilith's Escape

Edward searched for the phone, but when he found it under the overturned end table, it was smashed beyond repair. He should call the authorities about this, but decided he was in no mood to answer  questions from Scotland Yard.

He left the apartment and closed the door behind him. The elderly woman was peeking out from her door, but when he looked her way, she quickly slammed it closed. He went over and knocked.

“What do you want?” she asked after cracking open the door just wide enough for Edward to see her face.

“The apartment across the way has been broken into,” Edward replied.

“What’s that have to do with me?” she snapped.

“Did you hear anything or see anyone enter the apartment besides the tenant?’

“Just you,” she replied.

She was lying. Edward couldn’t prove it, but he could feel it. “Besides me, did anyone else go into the apartment?” He tried to keep his irritation under control.

 “How do you know it was broken into?” she countered with a question of her own.

“I’m with the police,” he lied and pulled out the fake identification.
She eyed him up and down and seemed to pay close attention to his expensive suit. “You’re not from the police,” she replied and slammed the door in his face.
“Old biddy,” Edward swore under his breath and made his way down the three flights of stairs.

He knocked on the custodian’s door and for the second time that day, showed the fake badge. After asking a few questions, Edward left the building. Luck was with him and he found the taxi waiting at the curb.

“Next stop is the docks,” Edward instructed the driver after he had climbed into the cab.

The history of Tilbury dock was familiar to Edward because of the archaeological evidence of a Roman occupation found there, but also because Queen Elizabeth was here in 1588 to review her main army. Edward was a practiced historian concerning his favorite monarch, but today it was his search for Lawrence Levi that brought him to the north bank of the River Thames.
“What are we looking for at this place?” the driver asked.

“Hopefully, not a dead man,” Edward replied before leaving the taxi. “Wait here for me,” he instructed the cabbie.

“I’ll wait until the end of time as long as you keep paying,” the man replied.
Edward entered the building of one of the shipping companies located at Tilbury. After asking for directions he found his way to the person in charge of the dock workers.
“What’s he bloody done?” the supervisor asked.

“Nothing, I just need to ask him a few questions.”

“Well, you’re the second person today who’s been asking,” the man replied.

“Was the other person a woman?” Edward inquired.   


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