Friday, April 6, 2012

Part Ten of Lilith's Escape

Part Ten of Lilith’s Escape

Instead of replying, she reached for her sunglasses and placed them over her eyes. She turned the key in the ignition and the car took off, back to the future and Edward’s time. Knowing a little of what to expect with the return ride, Edward had time to consider his options.
This case was not what he usually handled. He was a spy and well adept at finding out what the enemy was involved in, and sometimes when needed, he was also an assassin.
 He was on Sabbatical, or that’s what he was calling it, because he had failed to carry out an order. He was ordered to kill a Chinese Diplomat along with his wife and child, but Edward just couldn’t bring himself to kill the young boy. His refusal to complete the assignment landed him on suspension.
“I’ll just tell her, I’ve changed my mind about working for her,” Edward thought to himself. He reached into his pocket for the picture and was about to inform Lilith of his decision when he noticed the tear.
She had been silent the whole time, but he knew he had upset her. One tear, that’s all it took for him to change his mind. “I don’t think you’re bad, Lilith, but you are scary,” he said as he slipped the picture back inside the pocket of his jacket.

“Strong women usually are,” she replied, but she still had not looked his way.
When the car came to a stop, he realized she had taken him to his home. How the hell did she know where he lived? He was about to ask her, when she said, “You have everything you need to begin your investigation. I’ll pick you up here in one week’s time. Please have some good news for me.”
He didn’t want to leave the car with her still upset, but she would not look at him, so he asked, “How can I reach you? Do you have a number you can leave me?”
“No. Which one is your apartment window?”

 He leaned over her and pointed to the window, far right, third floor. Her scent was intoxicating and he struggled with himself not to pull her into his arms.
“Place something red in the lower corner of the window,” she instructed.
“How will you know?” He was surprised by her request.
“I have friends in high places,” she replied barely above a whisper.
She would not look at him and he was hesitant to leave the car with her upset. “Would you like to go for a drink?” he asked, suddenly afraid he would never see her again.
“I’ll see you next week,” she replied and this time, she faced him.
“I hope so, and Lilith, thank you for an amazing day,” he replied and after he left the car, she sped away. He stood there watching the dust storm head out of town, not knowing where in time or space she had gone. “I hope so,” he repeated to himself before heading to his apartment building.



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