Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Elysium, Science Fiction for Adults


This year, I was fortunate to see two great science fiction movies: Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Elysium starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. It’s about time that we’re getting movies with good acting and story lines from Hollywood.

Elysium is a frightening vision of earth’s future in the year 2154. But, it’s a future where the classes are severely divided; almost like what’s happening now; the haves and the have not’s. The rich people of earth have the means to relocate to a space station that includes a large city, suburb and parks. They have no disease because they have the technology to manipulate the genetic make-up of Elysium’s citizens and erase all diseases. I wonder if they have something for age spots; one can only dream. The citizens of Elysium have it easy and life is one big party where the smallest chore is handled by robots.
Jodi Foster (extremely talented actress) plays Jessica Delacourt the head of Elysium's Security. Let me tell you right up front that she’s a real bitch when it comes to keeping the filthy poor from reaching her floating Shangri-La. She cold heartedly blows up any ships filled with desperate immigrants. The poor citizens on Earth only want proper health care (like what’s happening now in this country) but, the filthy rich aren't interested in sharing their technology.
 When the weapons on the floating space colony fail to shoot down an approaching unscheduled ship, Jessica has Kruger, (Sharlto Copley)  a sadistic bastard, finish the job with  ground to air missiles. By the way, Sharlto Copley also starred in District 9 as Wikus Van De Merwe. I'm waiting for the sequel to this movie!


What do the poor have? Nothing! Earth has been polluted beyond recognition and disease is rampant. The cities and suburbs remind you of the movie, District 9, in which the alien immigrants were forced to live in abject poverty. The hopelessness of the survivors on future earth, hits the viewer like a two by four plank to the face. The viewer is forced to identify with the present day suffering of the poor masses living in India and Africa, and yes, even in this country. If you watched District 9, there is a common thread between the two movies, but I’ll cover this in the conclusion.
 Matt Damon plays Matt, an orphan raised by kindly nuns. Matt gets into lots of trouble but the nuns like him; they think him special. His goal from a young age was to get the chance to live on Elysium. Matt works in a factory that makes the robots for Elysium, but under brutal working conditions. Matt is exposed to dangerous radiation and only has five days to live. His only chance of survival is to get to Elysium.

With the help of a tech savvy smuggler, Spider (Wagner Moura), Matt is fitted with an exoskeleton and must save himself and the daughter of his childhood sweetie. Does he succeed? You need to watch the movie and believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


Neil Blomkamp wrote, co-produced and directed Elysium with the same precision in story telling that he did with District 9. Blomkamp’s stories can stand alone; without the overuse of special effects that I found so disappointing in this year’s Superman. I can identify with Blomkamp's stories, be it alien immigrants or wealthy people content with making money from the crushed and broken bodies of the poor. This is a good movie and there is a message; we may look up and yearn to go to the stars, but Earth is a gem in its own right.


  1. You don’t care too much for the characters or the situation, but you can’t help but feel really thrilled and involved once the action gets going. Good review Marie.

    1. Thank you for your support. Did you see District 9? If so, did you like this movie?

  2. Great review, I must say you've got a very interesting blog. I look forward to reading more of it.

    1. Thank you:) I do try to keep my blog interesting and will be posting more reviews of movies and adventures with my ghost hunting and Steampunking trips. Thank you for stopping by:)