Friday, August 2, 2013

Episode Seventy-one of Lilith's Escape


Shots rang out and two of the zombies fell to the ground before Edward had a chance to get a shot off on his own. As the jeep pulled up to Edward and Scouter, the soldiers inside the jeep put down the remaining zombies.

“We thought you were dead,” the officer, who climbed out of the jeep and walked over to Edward, said.
“Me too,” Edward replied. His British accent hidden, his mind clicked through the descriptions given to him by Tzaddik of the known comrades of Captain Brandish, but he could not place this officer’s face. “Thanks to this fool, I was able to escape,” Edward added, trying to buy some time, but he was saved by one of the soldiers who had called out to the officer.
The officer walked away from Edward to speak to his men, but when he returned he said to Edward, “You can ride with us, Captain, but we won’t need him.” The officer then pulled out his gun and aimed at Scouter.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Edward yelled at Lieutenant Scott. He knocked away the officer’s arm and said, “This man is my prisoner and I’ll decide when he dies.”

Lieutenant Scott gave Edward a dirty look, but he put his gun back in his holster. Edward could hear Scouter’s sigh of relief, but they weren’t out of danger, yet. “When you’re done with him, we’ll inject him with the virus and set him loose,” Scott countered.
This was not starting out to be a good day for the rebels.

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