Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dan the Snowman


My husband is a retired Philadelphia Fireman/Paramedic; served thirty-four years and loved every minute. We moved to Audubon, New Jersey after he retired. While living in South Philadelphia, we would often get knocks on our door during all times of the day and night. Neighbors knew he was a paramedic and would seek his help if one of the younger neighbors overdosed or if someone was having chest pains. Things haven’t changed that much since moving to New Jersey.
Our neighbors here have also called on Dan for help whenever they needed help, be it lifting a fallen spouse or in the case of another neighbor; finding their spouse unresponsive. Dan has the aura about him that lets people feel comfortable when in trouble.
A few years back, I was worried about my husband using a shovel to dig out from under a particularly heavy snowstorm back in 2009. I bought him a large snow blower so he wouldn’t kill himself shoveling. Funny thing happened. As soon as I bought the snow blower, we stopped getting snowstorms. Oh sure, we had snow, but nothing like we’ve had so far this year.
This year was different. Too much snow and no breaks in between. We have a few neighbors that are unable to shovel this snow due to a litany of health reasons. Every time we’re hit with another storm, my husband gets out the snow blower, and after doing our house, does our neighbors houses too.
Today we got hit hard and sure enough, my husband was out there with the snow blower. The neighbors are happy and so is my husband; he likes helping.
Me…I’m ready to move south of the border. I’m not a snow bunny.

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