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Steampunk Granny Chats with Actress Kaylin Iannone from The Soulless


Thanks to Joe Parascand who played Sgt. Benton in the film The Soulless, and Christopher Eilenstine, the director of The Soulless, I was introduced to one of the younger actresses on the set, Kaylin Iannone.

The Soulless is a story about the apocalypse, but with a new type of zombie and stars Jason Propst, Jennifer Teska, Michael Chartier and Jeff Caplan. Kaylin Iannone stars as Nicole Peterson at the age of twelve.

What’s it like for a young girl to be in a zombie movie and surrounded by the shuffling dead?  Find out with my interview with Kaylin and her mother, Kelly.


                                       Kaylin and Mom on set of Law and Order

Marie Gilbert: “How did Kaylin get started in acting?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “Kaylin was doing karate and was doing well with that and we went to watch a demonstration; a karate team. While we were there, there was a theatre company and they were doing a review of a show they were currently putting up. She was only six at the time.

So, we spoke to the owner of the theatre and we asked him what happens and how does this work and he told us to come out for auditions. I started following their webpage and we went over for the auditions for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Kaylin got a small part. She was a little forest animal in that first show. Kaylin started doing theatre from there. Kaylin loved it so much that my husband and I got her an acting coach just to help her audition better; never looking for anything to happen with it, but at the end of the session, the coach said, “I want her to see this manager.”

We met with Eileen DeNobile and Kaylin was signed up. Kaylin has done voice overs and has been on Law and Order, but it really started with stage and Kaylin has twenty one shows under her belt and she’s in rehearsals for her school play, The Little Mermaid and she is playing the part of Ursula. Kaylin is so excited about this part; she wanted it so bad.”

Marie Gilbert: “So Kaylin does more stage than film?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: Yes, it keeps her busy. It gives her something to do and it’s with a nice group of kids. Even when she’s done shows with adults, it’s always a nice group of people. Kaylin can just as easily have a conversation with a four year old as she can with a sixty year old.

Neither one of my kids will ever be afraid to stand up in front of people and talk. I remember being their age having to do an oral report; I was sick to my stomach, but not Kaylin. She’s not afraid to talk in front of people. She started acting at six and can continue until she’s ninety-six; it’s a nice hobby.”

Marie Gilbert: “How did Eileen DeNobile help Kaylin get parts?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “She helped Kaylin get the voice over for the National Forestry Association and a speaking part on Law and Order.”

Marie Gilbert: “What was her part?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “She played the part of Tina, a student of a piano teacher who was accused of murder. The title of that episode was “Totem.”

Marie Gilbert: “Has Kaylin in other movies besides The Soulless?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “Kaylin and her younger sister, Carlee, just did a short called the Legend of Zeke. It’s like Frosty the Snowman meets the zombies. Ryan Scott Weber is the director of that.

Marie Gilbert: “I just did an interview on Ryan.”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “Yes, I read it.”

Marie Gilbert: “How did she get the part for a zombie movie The Soulless?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “Well she had done some webisodes for Christopher Eilenstine and he liked her work. He was going to use Kaylin in another movie Dahkranon Rising falling, but that was put on hold and he approached us about The Soulless. Even though Kaylin and I would watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer together, I was concerned because Kaylin is not a scary movie kid. But she got to see how they put the zombies together and watched as they put on their makeup.

She saw the cast before and after makeup, and plus, Christopher explained the whole premise of the show to her and she liked being the heroine and kicking butt. There was this one part where the other little girl, Alexandria Gonzalez who plays Melisa was attacked…and it…was… very upsetting. The other girl’s mother and I had to leave the set during that scene; we could not watch it.

Marie Gilbert: “How did this scene affect Kaylin and Alexandria?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “It was rough, but Kaylin and Alexandria would get themselves in the mode. Kaylin did what she had to do and so did Alexandria. The two of them did an excellent job and you could see that they are friends and it showed in the movie. They are troopers and never complained.

Marie Gilbert: “What were the hours like while filming? Did it interfere with her schooling?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “No, Chris was always good about working around her schedule because Kaylin knows that school comes first. There were days we started early in the morning and worked until late and days that were really cold, but she had a great time.

Marie Gilbert: “How old is Kaylin?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “Kaylin is fourteen now, but when she started the movie she was only twelve. She’s five foot eight now, but when the movie began she was only five foot five.

Marie Gilbert: “The other actors were older than her. How did they relate to Kaylin?”
Kelly Karaban Iannone: “Jason Propst who played her father in the movie is like an older brother to her. That had a fantastic relationship. He’s moving to Colorado and I know Kaylin is going to be devastated when he does.

Marie Gilbert: “Before we get Kaylin on the conference call, what are your plans for her future as far as education?”

Kelly Karaban Iannone: “I just want her happy. If this is something she wants to do, then I’ll do what I can to help her, but my thing has always been about the acting that it’s a fantastic hobby, but it’s a hard life. You don’t have to be in front of the camera to be a star; she could do editing, teaching drama, video production, makeup like on Face Off.


Kelly calls Kaylin on a conference call

Marie Gilbert: “Hi Kaylin. I was chatting with your mom on her thoughts about your part in The Soulless and now I get to question you.”

Kaylin Iannone: “Hi.”

Marie Gilbert: “Kaylin which do you enjoy more, stage or film?”

Kaylin Iannone: “I love going on stage because you get one shot and one shot only because you don’t get to do takes over and over again, but then on film; you do get to do it over until you get it right. This is the first film that I’ve ever done, so I think that I’m going to start leaning towards film.”

 Marie Gilbert: “What was it like for you to be in a zombie movie? You started when you were twelve, so what was it like on that first day knowing that this was a scary movie?”

Kaylin Iannone: “Absolutely amazing. There were so many people there, and the makeup and the cameras, I said “I feel like a movie star and this is so cool.”

Marie Gilbert: “You weren’t frightened of anything?”

Kaylin Iannone: “No, because I saw their makeup being put on…otherwise I would have probably been scared.”

Marie Gilbert: “Would you consider doing more scary movies?”

Kaylin Iannone: “Absolutely!”

Marie Gilbert: “Is there any movie coming up or that is already out there that you would love to be a part of?”
Kaylin Iannone: “I was thinking I would love to do a movie like the Hunger Games trilogy.”

Marie Gilbert: “What about the stage? What stage show would you love to be the star?”
Kaylin Iannone: “Wicked, absolutely, hands down, Wicked.”

Marie Gilbert:  “Which character?”

Kaylin Iannone: “I would love to be Elphaba.”

Marie Gilbert: “Great show and great part. Kaylin, you’re fourteen years old. What are your plans for the future and what would you do if you didn’t stay with the theatre or films?”

Kaylin Iannone: “I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian since I was very little, so I would probably be a veterinarian.”

Marie Gilbert: “Is there any new parts in film or stage coming up for you?”

Kaylin Iannone: “Well I’ve got the part of Ursula in my school’s production of The Little Mermaid coming up.”

Marie Gilbert: “How are you preparing for that part?”
Kaylin Iannone: I’m working with my vocal coach to be able to get out there with my voice and working on my lines.”

Marie Gilbert: “How will you play Ursula differently than Disney?”

Kaylin Iannone: “I would do it a little differently and I’ve been working on her walk.” Marie Gilbert: “When is the school play?”

Kaylin Iannone: “In March, the 26th and 27th.

Marie Gilbert: “Kaylin, we’ll end the interview, but I wanted to say that you are a very talented young lady and very pretty. I did get to view some of the scenes with you in The Soulless. You were great and I’m wishing you the best of luck and whatever career you choose, you have that winner attitude and that will get you through the toughest times. Thank you Kelly and Kaylin for taking the time to do this interview with me.”

Kelly and Kaylin Iannone: “We appreciate you interviewing us. Thank you.”

There you have it my little zombie snacks. I really enjoyed speaking with Kaylin and her mother and I can’t wait until the movie is out. I’ll keep you all updated on when and where you’ll be able to see The Soulless. Remember this is not your run of the mill zombie movie. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THE LIVING DEAD...THE RULES HAVE CHANGED!

You can find Joe Parascand’s interview here and here, and Christopher Eilenstine’s interview here and here. Ryan Scott Weber’s interview is here.

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