Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Curly Top


I woke up today to hear the news that a little girl that my sisters and I would pretend to be, died today at 85 years old. We loved this woman even though we had never met here; she was part of our family. All her songs were memorized, and Jane and I took up tap dancing when we were students at St. Monica's Parochial School. Her dancing with the amazing Bill "Bojangles" Robinson made us all want to dance.


Shirley Temple was an icon to not only the people of the United States, but to people everywhere. With her songs about Animal Crackers and Good Ship Lollipops, she helped people forget the great depression and later; the war.


Even when Shirley Temple was no longer considered sellable by the movie producers, she remained America's Sweetheart. There was never a scandal connected to her name, not like it is today with  movie or music stars. Got that...Lindsey...Justin? You don't have to behave like fools for people to love you. Shirley Temple grew up got married and had her own children.


Later in life, Shirley Temple hosted a weekly show which featured stories that sometimes included music. She even served time as an Ambassador for our country. I think her job was spreading happiness. We could sure use her now.


                            Ambassador Shirley Temple Black with Major Carolyn May

Somehow...I don't why I feel this is true, at least for me, but as long as Shirley Temple was alive, I felt we would all live forever... and now...

Here is my salute to a woman who will always be, to me and my sisters, a childhood friend.

                                                         Goodbye Curly Top


  1. I miss her. She was one of a kind and she knew how to brighten up my evening's entertainment whenever I flipped the channels to one of her movies. She always had that bright smile and those dimples that could kill anyone's bad mood. Thanks for the write-up.