Friday, July 11, 2014

Sisters, All for One and One for All



             Jane                                      Lucy                                    Marie

I have lots of sisters! Sure, I have my wonderful and lovely biological sisters Jane and Lucy, whom most of you have met either in person or in my “Life with Fred and Lucy” stories, but I also have close friends that I call sister.
We are all the daughters of Eve in a genetic and evolutionary way. If Eve did exist in the biblical sense, then she was framed big time and we have suffered the repercussions ever since that fateful day. Yeah, I’m talking about the crime to beat all crimes; taking a bite of the forbidden apple. Where was Eve’s lawyer? The woman was innocent.

My take on the Garden of Eden is this. GOD made Adam and then told him, “Get to know your world. I’ll check on you in a day or two.” When GOD returned to check on his prized creation, he realized that Adam would not last until the big creation celebration at the end of the week/ evolutionary chain of events.  Adam had a bad attitude and he assumed that he could do whatever he wanted to do, after all, he was a man and above all of nature.
GOD called all his trusted winged messengers in for a, emergency conference. A heated argument broke out with Lucifer who thought that the Dinosaurs should have never been exterminated, but in the end, the resulting decision was to make a helpmate for the arrogant man. Eve was created as Adam’s equal and GOD’s new and improved version of the human race. GOD gave Eve the order, “Keep that knucklehead out of trouble.”

Eve had her hands full. Adam had already acquired an attitude about taking a woman's advice. Adam wanted the forbidden apples. Lucifer came up with a plan to prove GOD wrong. First he approached Eve with a deal. “Eat the apple from that tree. It will give you knowledge, and as a added benefit, you can eat all the chocolate in the world and never gain an ounce.”

“I already have knowledge, and what the hell is chocolate?" Knowing the devil for the trickster that he was, Eva  sent him packing, saying, "Hit the road, Jack.”

Later in the week, Adam was approached by Lucifer, but this time the devil offered a sweeter deal. "You get to do what you want and I'll throw in a recliner, beer and junk food to watch all your football games." 

Adam not only ate all the damn apples, but he blamed Eve. The rest is history.
Sisters, we are many and we have to look out for each other: Stop calling other women nasty names; stop gossiping about each other; stop breaking up marriages; stop being nasty to your daughters.

We need to stand up for each other. We need to speak out when we see other women being attacked or abused by men. No religion, country or state or man can tell us what to do with our bodies. We cannot be forced to bear children against our will, and no religion can claim that a man is master over a woman; it is a lie!

The crimes against women around the globe must stop now. We are every woman’s sister. We are equal to men. Women should never be denied education. The men who try to stop them are evil. We are the children of GOD. Stand up and speak out for all your sisters around the Globe

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