Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grand Ole Time At Bogart's Book Store


I love going to Bogart's Book Store in Millville, New Jersey even though it's a hike for me to get there and I always take the wrong turn and get lost. The delightful Amy, owner of this little gem of an establishment, always makes me feel like family whenever I'm there selling books with my sidekicks from the South Jersey Writers' Group.


This time, I took my daughter with me. While I was hustling books including Roof Oasis, the first in a series of apocalyptic tales with a twist, Re was selling her beautiful jewelry and she made a big hit with the pieces she brought with her that day.


Lots of people stopped by to say hello including friend George Scully and new friend, Linda Stevenson who bought a book from me.


Oh yeah and Amy showed me a photo of the ghost who lives in the basement. The spirits were there, but staying out of sight. One tapped me on the head as I was leaving. I don't think it was Andrew. I intend to go back and do some more investigating this summer with my friends from Keystone Spirit Seekers.

Bogart's always has something fun going on and as my daughter and I were packing up, a talented singer, Bob White, began to entertain the bookstore's guests. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay. ReRe had to get home to the kids, but I'm planning on catching the next Saturday performance.

My daughter and I were invited to participate in Amy's Third Friday Events. We will be back at Bogart's on September 19th. Hope to see all my friends, living and dead.

Oh, and before I forget...I am featured in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine. The Editor and Publisher, Cinsearae R. Santiago did an interview of me and my book, Roof Oasis. It is a wonderful magazine with lots of interesting stories. Check it out. You can order the magazine from Create Space. for the hard copy or you can get it on Kindle here:



  1. Great seeing you hocking your wares around town. This is how the great authors started out, including my favorite, John Grisham! Keep it going, Marie!

    1. Thank you, Jack and I think you're right about getting out there and selling your book. I think people are more willing to put their cash down on a book when they can also chat with the author. I'll be waiting to help you promote book two of your series, also

  2. I'm glad you had a good time. I love Bogart's even if it is a bit of a drive.

    1. Loretta, you must come with me next time. You are going to love this place