Friday, September 25, 2015

Stepping Off That Ledge

Life is not supposed to be perfect, or easy. Life is a series of adventures. Some of life’s adventures are good, some are bad, but on the whole, most adventures for a shy person can be potentially horrifying. Each phase of our lives requires us to take a leap of faith. For some, this leap is easy because the person has enough self-esteem to take risks. For others, this leap is akin to death because they view failure as a reason to give up and never try again.

I was a shy child, rebellious, but shy. It took me a long time to find my voice and, now that I’ve found it, I will not be silenced. My self-esteem grew over time because I forced myself to step off ledges. There were many crashes to the sharp rocks below and many tears, but each failure made me stronger. I find that in the twilight of my years, I have begun leaping more and more out of the comfort of conformity and into the raging rivers of the unknown and, I have never been so happy in my life. Each leap has given me power.

Because I am a psychic and an Empath, I can sometimes pick up on a person’s insecurities and I tell them that it’s okay to be scared. I tell them that they can be terrified, but they can also take that leap of faith. This year, I trusted the advice of a beloved mentor and I started doing spiritual readings.
My first reading happened by accident while I was at an event. I was at the Paraunity Expo to sell my book, Roof Oasis. Two of the scheduled mediums had not shown up for the event. As soon as I entered the hall to set up my table, I was asked to do readings. I could have said no. It would have been easier for me. Reading a person drains your spiritual energy. I could have said no, but I didn’t. My leap from the comfort zone allowed me to help others that day; to emphasize to them that they were loved by the Creator; to remind them that they were worthy of love.

I was at an event this Friday night that was hosted by our South Jersey Writers’ Group. I watched as people took turns standing on the stage to read their latest short story or poem. Some of the readers were comfortable getting up in front of the crowd; they’ve done it before and they’ve gained confidence in their work. But, there were a few new members there as well and I can imagine just how hard it was for them to stand up on that stage and read out loud to a bunch of strangers. They did wonderfully and, I’m guessing that it won’t be so hard the next time they get up on that stage.
So, what about you? Does the very thought of taking a leap into a new adventure, a new job, a new relationship, terrorize you? Don’t be afraid. Trust in yourself. Know that we can only grow and evolve when we conquer our fears and laugh at our failures. When you take that leap, look’ll see others taking their first leap, too.  

Spread your wings and fly.


  1. Great Advice, Marie! I tell people when they say that they're 'afraid', that it's OKAY to be scared or afraid. When you're scared, you're careful. it might turn out the way you hoped, but you tried. If you don't try, you'll never know what could happen, good or bad.

    1. I think life is too short to not enjoy it. I was inspired by a young writer taking her first leap at one of our functions. Thank you, Joanne.