Friday, May 6, 2016

A Mother's Day Card


I went shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for my daughter, but while searching for the perfect card for her, I couldn’t help noticing all the cards that would have been perfect for my mom. I guess, I can still buy the card and leave it up in the attic, but...

My parents are no longer alive. This should classify me as an orphan, even though I am older than dirt, but even though both my parents are dead; they haven’t gone to the great beyond. Maybe, it’s because I am the eldest of their four children, or maybe it’s because they liked my house, but for whatever reason, they have taken residence up in my attic. I have some of their belongings stored up there and in the basement, but the attic is where they stay until they take it into their heads that they want to visit my sister Lucy or my daughter, then off they go.
My sister Lucy will usually call me up to let me know that she has company and the same thing goes for my daughter who is a ghost magnet for the entire deceased members of the Maratea family. The fact that my mom and dad hang out together is hilarious because they hated each other while alive. They were divorced and proud of it.

They were not easy people to live with. Both had OCD. Both were a little bit crazy. I guess I can compare my childhood and that of my siblings as resembling the Addams Family. Normal was not a word to describe my family. If you don’t believe me you can check out my blog about growing up with Fred and Lucy here.

My mother had issues. I loved her, but her issues were a double edged sword that caused me to pull away when she needed me the most. I find myself missing her in spite of her issues which made her extremely paranoid and distrustful of her own kids. My mom and dad tell me about Heaven and how it’s nothing like the church has been brainwashing us with. GOD is more forgiving than they expected and HE is not into religion; never was; never will be.
In Heaven, Mom was able to understand her issues and come to an understanding of her life. In death, she has become more motherly and protecting. My sisters and I have found that we are able to enjoy her company, even if she remains unseen. My brother won’t talk about this, but that’s okay. Mom and dad do visit him too even if he is unaware of them being there.
There are many of my friends and family who have lost their own dear mothers. Mother’s Day can be a bitter holiday if you believe that death means the end of life. Death is just our souls leaving the earthly vessel or body. The soul does not die. My father and mother have started to bring other dead people to visit me. I’m not positive, but I think the spirits just want to tell me their stories. I listen.
This Mother’s day, buy that card and leave it for your mom. She isn’t gone forever. She is still with you and she will appreciate the card.

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