Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gardening, Avengers and Dinosaurs

This weekend was fun and I was able to get to working on my secret garden and planting some vegetables in my small makeshift vegetable section.

Here is the pond in our back yard with one of the two large bullfrogs who live in the pond along with the eight carps.

This is the smaller of the two frogs.

This is the entrance to the secret garden.

This is the gnome and fairy section.

I have parsley, tomatoes and peppers in the pool.
My daughter, three grandsons and I went to see The Avengers and it was awesome
I was told it was a good movie, but it surpassed what I had expected. There was adventure sprinkled with well-placed humor and bonding between the Marvel characters. I hope there will be a sequel. Make plans to go see the movie because you won’t be disappointed.
Nathan slept over and we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences on Sunday. He has his favorite spots and I have mine.
The Academy has everything including this mummy, who when alive, was a second ranking priest of Egypt. I know this because I did the mummy classes there.
                In Outside- In, we stopped by to check on the turtles.
Here we are trying to find all six of the wood frogs. We were only able to find four.
We can’t call it a day until we stop and visit Dinosaur Hall.
If you have a chance, come visit this museum. You won’t be disappointed.



  1. You have a lovely garden. I'm a bit jealous of your bull frogs.

    1. Thank you Sarah.I love my frogs. This is the third year with us. How are you doing?

  2. Look like alot of fun. Lucy

    1. Thank you Lucy. I didn't ask Sammie to come with us because Josh backed out.

    2. That was me post anonymous an error.

    3. Thank you for followiing my blog!!

  3. Wow! You have a very nice've inspired me to work even harder at mine. Frogs....what a special tiouch.

    Academy.... Yes definitely a good place to check out!!!!

    1. Hi Loretta. I love that the frogs keep coming back.