Friday, May 11, 2012

Part Fifteen of Lilith's Escape

They stood outside the cab, guns aimed. Edward’s shooting arm was dislocated and he was unable to reach for the gun with his left hand. His vision was blurred, probably a concussion due to his head making contact with the window. For the second time in his career he was helpless and so he waited for his execution, which was sure to come.
Suddenly from nowhere there came a bright flash, followed by screams and then nothing. He had no idea what had happened to his attackers, but Edward’s head was throbbing and he felt himself giving in to the darkness …
…He awoke to find himself in a hospital bed and a detective from Metro sitting patiently on the chair near his bed. “What happened?” he asked the officer.

“You tell me,” the detective replied.
“I don’t know. We were hit by another car…how is the taxi driver?” Edward’s head was throbbing and his shoulder didn’t feel too hot either.

“He didn’t make it,” the detective replied.

Edward felt badly for the man and wondered if the driver left behind a family.

“Do you know who burned the limo and the armed men?” the detective asked, not giving Edward a chance to gather his wits.
“Burned? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Edward replied, but he remembered the bright flash of light and decided to keep the informtion to himself.

The detective gave him a suspicious look and said, “Someone called in the accident and when the local police arrived they found the taxi driver dead and you unconscious. The limo was totally destroyed with the driver still inside. The two who were found near the taxi…well let’s just say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“What happened to them,” Edward asked, as he rubbed his shoulder.

“See for yourself,” the detective said and handed a photo to Edward.
The bodies were burnt beyond recognition, but you could see the men’s outline and the weapons they held in their hands. How was this possible? What did he get himself involved with?

“I don’t know what happened,” Edward repeated as he handed back the photo.

“You’re not from the Yard, but you have a badge. I did some investigating and found out you’re on a forced leave of absence from MI 6. You’re involved in this some way,” the detective snapped.
“I don’t know the men who were killed except for the taxi driver and he was only taking me back to the city. We were hit by the limo and that’s all I remember.” Edward was done answering questions. Now it was time to start asking. “Who were the men? Did you identify them yet? Who owned the limo?”
“We’re working on finding out,” the detective replied as he stood to leave. “We’ll need to ask you more questions, so don’t leave London.” He then left the hospital room.

Edward rang for the nurse and when she entered the room he said, “I’m leaving. Please bring me my clothes.”
She argued that he was still too weak to go home, but Edward pulled his I.V. tubing from his arm and slowly sat up on the edge of the bed. She ran to get the doctor.

He needed to get back to his apartment and make some phone calls. He wanted to know exactly how his contact had first met with the mysterious Lilith. Even though he never saw what  happened to the men who were about to kill him, he knew that somehow, Lilith was involved.

When the doctor returned with the nurse, Edward was already gone. He had found his clothing and after dressing, sneaked out of the hospital.


  1. So fun. I'm intrigued by Lilith's powers.

    1. She is based on my main character from my trilogy. Lilith has more surprises in store for the readers. Hope to see you on Thursday night:)