Friday, May 25, 2012

Update on the Weekend from Hell

Last Monday I posted about my weekend of ghost hunting at Gettysburg and also about my daughter and her husband’s accident while riding an all-terrain vehicle.
                                I swiftly changed out of my ghost hunting mode
                      and into my super granny for hire mode.
While the parents were in the hospital, I moved in with the three boys whose ages are 17, 15 and 9. I’ve written about the boys before and you probably know them better as the Desperados.
The first thing I did was feed them and calm them down, especially the younger two who had witnessed the accident.
 Then I laid down the rules, simple rules, like pick up their clothes from the floor and put their dirty dishes in the sink and to stop teasing each other, etc. etc.
I kept the two younger ones home from school on Monday which meant that I had to call the schools and explain what happened and then to make arrangements to pick up homework.
I knew my daughter was a busy bee with all the after school activities with the boys,
             but after walking in her shoes this past week, I’m ready for a vacation.
Tuesday, I had to take the two younger boys for braces, which meant I was at the dentist for over an hour or more and after that I had to run each boy back to school.
That night I had to take the two boys to Aikido. The older boy had just started training for his new after school job, so I had to wait up for his return.
Late Tuesday night, my husband brought home the injured. Re had a broken collar bone and deep cuts, dark bruises and scratches all over her body. Jim has over 200 staples in his leg. They reminded me of another famous couple.
I had to take my daughter’s place as chaperone on Wednesday for a school trip to see the Historic section of Philly. It’s been years since I was on a school bus.
We had fun, but I was totally wiped out and we had another after school activity to go to that night.
Re and Jim are slowly healing, but he still needs to see the trauma orthopedic docs at Cooper. The most important part is that they are home and alive.

My daughter was impressed with the way the boys were helping me around the house. “How do you get them to listen and help without complaining?” she asked.
Nathan answered before I could reply. “She said she would turn into the Hulk, if we were bad.”
Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Have fun, but keep safe.


  1. I thought that was so funny. I know all the thing you could not write that happen. lol lucy

    1. Lucy, you have no idea. I found the recipe!!