Friday, May 25, 2012

Part Seventeen of Lilith's Escape

Edward held the glass so tightly in his hand that he was surprised it didn’t break. Did he hear his partner right? James had met Lilith while dead?

“Do you want to hear the story?” James asked Edward.

“I need some more of the vodka, before you begin.”
After James had filled both glasses, he began his tale. “I felt my soul leave my body, actually felt it tear away from my flesh. I was dead and not looking forward to what awaited me.”
Edward understood what James feared the most. He and James had killed their share of public enemies in the name of national security for Queen and Country, but it was still the taking of a life. “So, what happened?” he asked James.

“This hellish nightmare entity came from nowhere and moved quickly towards me. It was horrible to look upon and if this wasn’t an emissary from hell then I don’t know what is.”
James emptied his glass and refilled it before continuing. “She appeared from out of the blue and blocked the demon from touching me.”

“She, do you mean Lilith?” Edward asked.

James nodded.

“Go on,” Edward urged.

“The demon seemed to fear her. This wisp of a woman, dressed as a warrior, had a demon cowering in the corner.
 After the demon disappeared, Lilith gave me her price for saving my soul. I had to obey or the creature would come back for me.”

Edward put out his glass for James to refill and after he took a sip, he asked, “What was her price?”
“It was you.”

“What the hell are you saying?” Edward stood up, his fist clenched.

“Wait, I had to obey. If you would have seen the demon, you would understand the situation I was in.”

Edward wanted to hit James, hurt him, but his curiosity got the better of him and he asked, “Why me?”

“You’re the only one she’ll trust to help stop what’s coming,” James explained.

“What’s coming?” Edward really didn’t want to know.

“The apocalypse,” James replied and then poured more vodka into his glass.
“Are you talking about the four horsemen? It’s only a tale made up by organized religion to control the masses,” Edward chided his friend.

“You mean like time travel is only possible in a science fiction book?” James retorted.
  Edward was torn between his need to punch something, anything and his need to see her again.
 “When exactly is this apocalypse supposed to happen and what does it have to do with Lawrence Levi?”

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