Monday, January 27, 2014

Nathan Does Vegas


My daughter ReRe and her husband, Jim and little Nathan are at a family wedding in Vegas.

                                                 Nathan with Aunt Nicole and Mom

They get to miss all this $#*@%& cold weather. Lucky them. They asked me to check on Joshua who was unable to go with them due to work and school. I went over the other day to visit with Joshua and set off all the alarms???

I don't know what happened, but the police were there in seconds. My poor husband was being grilled as to why we were there, etc. etc. while I tried to get my daughter on the phone to find out the code to turn of the alarm.

Only kidding, the police were very nice and understanding of my punching in the wrong husband; not too much.

Now back to Nathan. The little guy is having himself a ball. He got to do several fun things and even got to climb some high rocks in the desert.


                                   He got to meet Siegfried and his wild cats.

Nathan even got to do some flying in one of those wind tunnels. I'm so jealous.
I can't wait until they return home, but until they do, I have to check on Joshua after school tomorrow. Now if I could only remember what the code is??????

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