Friday, January 3, 2014

Promoting Friends and Contest Results

                                                           The Fabulous Lucille Ball

I'm surrounded by very talented people. Well, they may not be Lucille Ball, but they are very talented and I hope their talent rubs off on me. I've done several Author promotions and interviews this year. Some of my friends have made movies and some have published books, while some, design Steampunk clothing or run fabulous Steampunk Event.. It's a new day and a new year, and I want to start off 2014 with promoting some of my friends.


First up is author, Carmen DeSousa. She has several books out and I did an interview of her on the Library, but you can check out all her books on

I did an interview on Keira Kroft and her new book. Check it out.

John Farquhar, who is a fellow member of the South Jersey Writers Group, has a story in Tall Tales and Short Stories, our group's first published anthology, and also his own book titled What to Expect When You're Dead.

Right now, I'm reading a story by John Jason Lee called Terminal Point and I'm going to tell you that this is one hell of a great book. The hero is Drune, a Federation Hunter who is in a battle of wits and intrigue as he fights his way through one battle after another to get to the truth. I will be interviewing the author as soon as I finish the book.


Jack Flacco, a fellow zombie lover has a great book out called Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse. It has everything to keep you turning those pages and...not only did I love it, but my grandsons are sure to enjoy it too. Find it on Amazon and buy the book here.

Dawn Byrne another member featured in Tall Tales and Short Stories also has stories featured in Chicken Soup for the soul. Dawn is also known as Super D, my partner is the South Jersey Writers' Group book signing adventures.

To tell you the truth, all the members of the South Jersey Writers' Group are talented writers. Check out our site. Better yet, join our group.

Biff Bam Pop is a Pop Culture Site that is the brain child of Editor-In-Chief and fearless leader extraordinaire, Andy Burns. His cast of star writers, entertain and deliver the latest in movies, T.V. shows, books, comic books, music....anything that is on the minds & lips of people in the know. Check out this fabulous site and while you're there, check out my articles.


Christopher Eilenstine is the Director of a new type of Zombie, The Soulless. I did an interview on him for Biff Bam Pop. Check it out.

Joe Parascand who is an outstanding actor is featured in several movies: The Soulless, Mary Horror, Witches' Blood, Sheriff Tom vs. the Zombies, Zombies Incorporated. I'll be posting his interview on my blog, soon and an earlier one on Biff Bam Pop.

Gil Cnaan is the brain and grand master of Dorian's Parlor. I've written several interviews on this very talented man, but this is my favorite.

Lee and Ralph from Steampunk Works not only design beautiful Steampunk fashions, but their clothing was used in a recent movie.

I have an amazing Editor and she's helped me get my book considered.


If you're interested in knowing what people I've interviewed, check out my interview page.

This December 15th, my oldest grandson, Jimmy, went to Parris Island for boot camp. When he graduates in March, he will be a full fledge Marine; Oorah!! I wrote a movie review of Full Metal Jacket for Biff Bam Pop and tied the review with my concerns for my grandson and drill sergeants.


I was picked by a very nice group from England as one of the bloggers to be considered for Best Blogger of 2014. Imagine that; from England with the Queen!! The young man who was hosting this contest is an amazing person and I will be posting my interview with him, soon.


 I was one of the finalists, but a worthier blogger, @scarletteflame,  won this year's round. Yeah, I was a little disappointed that I didn't win


 but then I received this message on my blog from a young writer in China.

 have beеn surfing on-lіnе more tthan 3hours as of late, yet I neveг discovered anny interesting aгticle lke уours.
It's lovely pricе sufficient for me. In mу opinion, if all webmasters and
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helpful than ever before.

So...for my New Year's Resolution, I'll try to make my blog a kick ass blog; I'll do more interviews and promote more amazing people; I'll try to get in more ghost hunting and Steampunking...and maybe get a few of my short stories published. What will you do this year?


  1. Boy, girl, you've been busy. Nice year in review. Thank you for the mention, Marie.

    1. It keeps me out of trouble:) Thank you Dawn.

  2. Wowie! Thank you, Marie, for the wonderful mention! How can I thank you? You've been an awesome support since the very beginning. I'm absolutely honored!

    1. Thank you, Jack. I might need your expertize if I go to self-publish my book. I love how professional your book looked