Monday, April 7, 2014

Game of Thrones is Back


Holy mother of dragons! Game of Thrones was well worth the wait and we can expect season 4 to be one of intrigue, action, and backroom deals. Jaime is back at home with his family, but they are more like strangers after his long stay away from home.
Tywin will never win any awards for father of the year, but his disrespectful attitude towards his older son, Jamie is right out shameful. What is it with some men that they have to put their children down at every opportunity, jealous of any success their children obtain in spite of the father's mistreatment. I actually know a few men like this. When their sons are old enough, they move away and cut off contact. I don't blame them.

Cersei is no better than daddy dearest and openly scoffs at Jaime’s loss of a body part. What a bitch. She is no better than her son. There is a moral compass missing in mother and son...and speaking of sonny boy, Joffrey; I'm surprised he hasn't been strangled in his sleep.
Joffrey, more like mommy dearest with each passing day, shows the same contempt for Jaime. This is a cruel child who likes to torture people.

I'm not sure how many slaves he's killed so far, but the number of people who want this sociopath dead, is growing.

Thankfully, for Jamie, he has a comrade in the Ninja warrior, Lady Brienne of Tarth.  She understands Jamie for what he is and yet she still likes him. She has seen him at his best.  I really do think that a lasting friendship was forged with these two and maybe it will develop into love.
I was surprised that Margaery and her grandmother Olenna Tyrell have welcomed Lady Brienne with open arms, but why not? You and I both know the hatred all three share for the sociopathic boy king. I'm hoping Margery's plan is to take over the throne as soon as she slips Joffrey some poison. One can only dream.

Tyrion is a good man, but despised by his family because of his stature. He's a better man than all of them and he's sexy too. He cares for the bride that was forced on him even though Sansa has withdrawn into her own little world because of the brutal slaying of her brother and mother.

Poor Tyrion is given the task of welcoming Oberyn Martell, a Danish prince who hates everything Lannister. Luckily for Tyrion, Bronn has his back.

The Hound is keeping Arya Stark safe. A strange bond between the two has been forged and for better or worse, I think, The Hound is loyal bound to this child. Where this leads the two, I'm not sure, but on first episode of the season, Arya with The Hound's help has taken her revenge against the man who took her sword.

Jon Snow is back on the wall and forgiven by Master Aemon. Ygritte on the other hand, is still pissed off at the crow man for leaving her. She and Thormund  have befriended the giant cannibals in their quest for revenge....that's if they don't wind up as a light snack for the Thenn.

I saved my most favorite character for last. I love Daenerys Targaryen! With Sir Jorah and Daario Naharis at her side and her army of Unsullied behind her, she is a force to be feared and that's not counting the dragons.

She'll need her dragons to give the slave owners of Meeren an ass kicking. These slave owners don't know who their dealing with. If they did, they would never have crucified 163 slave children to line the road to Meeren.

This is the short recap of the show, but if you want a longer version, then please read my friend James Knipp's Recap on Biff Bam Pop!!!

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