Saturday, December 19, 2015

Disconnecting from the Matrix


I don’t know why it is that during the Christmas holidays, when there is so much happiness for us all to share, I find myself pulling back a bit. It’s not depression, because I am happy doing Christmas activities. It has something more to do with my empathic abilities and overload.

I find that the spirits are more open to discussion at this time of the year, and for me, this openness is much stronger than it is during the Halloween season. My father and mother have been visiting more with messages for me to share with the family, and sometimes, the world.
You could imagine my surprise when they stopped by with a former prisoner of ISIS. They had to translate, but the man showed me a vision of how he died and he gave me a warning. I don’t want to get political about the refugees and, I have no love for Donald Trump...but for now, maybe we should be very careful who we let into our country from war ravaged countries. Not permanently, mind you, but just for now.

I feel people’s emotions and sometimes I need to shut down to keep myself from getting physically ill. I’m good at doing this and know how to protect my aura from negative spirits, but even the positive spirits can drain you with their needs. I know how to protect myself, but not everyone does.
Do you know how to stay focused while controlling what the matrix sends your way? Here are a few suggestions that may help the sensitive empathic person survive the holidays.

1.    Do what you can during the holidays. Don’t stress over what you can’t get done. Check out a post a good friend of mine wrote in her blog. Thank You so much, Jessica. 

2.    Get rest. Yeah, I know, how can you rest when you have so much to get done? Delegate, Delegate and while your little elves are helping out, get some meditation time to yourself. 

3.    Don’t place that heavy cloak of family drama upon your shoulders. I always ask myself this, “If I died today, would they have to learn to solve their own problems without me?” The answer is yes. Surprisingly, the world still turns without us; the sun rises in the east; life goes on.

4.     Let go of the small stuff. If your family or friends are acting weird, it might be that they are overwhelmed and don’t know how to handle the stress. Don’t add to it by acting the Prima Donna and demanding their immediate attention. Let it go!

5.    Don’t watch the news during the holidays because: politicians get dumber for some reason as the holidays get closer; wars still happen; the economy still sucks and, our sports teams still lose. Don’t watch the news, don’t talk politics and don’t engage in any type of negative behavior.

I told my mother and father that they are not to bring any more victims of ISIS to my home. I can’t do anything to help these poor souls, but maybe the dead can. The dead can go after ISIS. Just a thought, but I don’t think the universe will permit it.

     I am spending time with friends that I haven’t seen for a while. I’m spending time with the grandkids. I’ve lowered my vibrations to keep the spirits from dropping by and telling me their stories. I don’t want to hear them right now. I’m blocking all negative energies from my space. I’m feeling energized by doing this. You should try it.
Happy Holidays, and for happy


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