Friday, December 18, 2015

Granny's Review of Fargo S02 Finale: Palindrome


I'm a little late with this recap, but here it is. I have to say that this season was freaking amazing and sometimes funny as hell. The mob is alive and doing well in the Midwest part of the states, but shit happens to both good and bad people. The Coen Brothers have a gift in that they weave a tale that is both believable and mystic.
What did the flying saucer signify other than our fate is sometimes not our own. Did the aliens mesmerize Rye Gerhardt (Kieran Culkin) after he shot the fleeing waitress in order for him to get hit by the car driven by the flaky Peggy? Did the aliens come to Lou Solverson’s rescue when Bear was close to strangling the life from his body?

All I know is that the Coen Brothers are expert at introducing characters and plots that keep you thinking long after the film or series is finished. I will never forget Peggy and Ed Blumquist. I actually have a friend that is the mirror image of Peggy, who was played stunningly by Kirsten Dunst.
The finale starts with the Blumquists running for their lives from a very pissed off Hanzee Dent. Ed is seriously injured with a bullet to the chest and an innocent driver is killed when the couple flags him down for help. Hanzee is like a hound dog with a bone to chew. He won’t stop.
Fleeing to a nearby supermarket, Peggy and Ed hide in a meat locker. Peggy is still dreaming big dreams and not realizing that Ed might not make that trip to fantasy land with her.

The King in the North
While Peggy and Ed hide and Betsy awakes from her faint with a dream of a magical future, Mike (Bokeem Woodbine) and his sidekick sociopath take over the Gerhardt home. He claims himself king. As an act of kindness, the king allows the housekeeper to live and the act of cruelty is the killing of Ricky G (Ryan O’Nan).
While Lou and Ben (Keir O’Donnell) chase after Hanzee, he makes his way to the supermarket in hot pursuit of the woman who threw boiling water onto his face. Hanzee is just as much a killer and sociopath as Mike and the Gerhardt family, but there is something honorable about Hanzee, or I’m just feeling sorry for the character because he and his people have gotten the worst end of the stick by the invading Europeans; maybe it’s both.

We hear banging on the door, then nothing. When smoke begins to fill the room, Peggy panics at first and tries to get Ed on his feet to stop the smoke. Ed is dying and this clueless woman hasn’t gotten it into her head that it’s all over. She remembers the film she was watching when Dodd escaped his restraints.
In Operation Eagles Nest, the hero and heroine escape. Peggy grabs the ice pick in her hand ready to go out fighting Hanzee...but he isn’t there.
I was shocked to realize that there was no smoke seeping into the meat locker. It was all in Peggy’s demented imagination. Ed is dead and Peggy is now riding back to justice in the back of Lou’s police car. There’s a manhunt going on for Hanzee.
When Peggy babbles on about picking out a prison that would suit her needs; California by the bay, Lou, who has held his tongue over the entire season, lets loose with an event from his days in Vietnam when Saigon fell. I think you should watch this episode just to hear Lou recount what happened on the U.S.S. Kirk..
Patrick Wilson’s Lou Solverson has been the rock of this series. In his quiet and observant ways, he has represented the majority of us; people doing their job even when it hurts. He is a loving family man who knows that his wife’s time is short on this earth. He will have to raise his daughter alone.
Hanzee is given a new life by a mysterious man who gives him a new identity; Moses Tripoli. Hanzee will still need major surgery to change his face, but I’m not so sure he’ll change his ways. The scene fades with him going after two bullies on the baseball field.
Last, but not least we return to our new king, Mike. Did Mike move up in the ranks of the crime syndicate? The syndicate, if you haven’t realized by now, has gone legal. They’re in the business of making money. They are corporate. Mike is offered a job in an office working nine to five. The hit-man is now a desk jockey for the mail room. Watching the confusion in Mike’s eyes when he realizes what his reward is was Karma at its finest.                           
There is a happy ending for now, until the cancer wins all the poker chips. Lou and Betsy are safe in their own bed, in their own home.
“Goodnight Mrs. Solverson and all the ships at sea.” I second that.

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