Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fargo S02 E09: The Castle

On this next to the last episode of Fargo, all the dots connected in one straight line that led to a night of betrayal and amazing good luck thanks to some aliens. No, I’m not talking about illegal immigrants but the green-bug-eye kind of alien, but I digress, so let’s start at the beginning.
Everything went to hell for the Gerhardt family when Rye looked up to the sky and saw a UFO. If he wasn’t so mesmerized by the alien fly by, he probably wouldn’t have found himself embedded in Peggy’s windshield. What the spaceship has to do with the story, we’re not given any clues, but since this is a Coen Brother’s creation, I know it has to be something important. On episode 9, lots of people get to see the spacecraft as it flew over the motel where Peggy and Ed were being held. That damn spacecraft may have very well saved Peggy and Ed’s life.
I love Patrick Wilson’s portrayal of Lou Solverson, the small town cop with more brains than the entire South Dakota police department. Lou tried to tell the corrupt officers that it wasn’t a good idea to use Peggy and Ed as bait to capture the Chicago mob, but not only didn’t they listen to him, they ran him out of town and that’s after he tells them than Hanzee killed the shopkeeper. Lou could have driven home. He should have, because unbeknownst to him, wife collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Something stopped him. It was the entire Gerhardt family riding to do battle at the motel. Lou, who wants to protect Hank, Peggy and Ed, follows them.

I think something made Dodd’s right hand man want to do in the Gerhardt family once and for all. His lie that Mike Milligan was holding Dodd at the motel worked in bringing the entire family down. When the shootout begins, Peggy and Ed are ready to fight for their lives. They not only escape the slaughter by the Gerhardt men, but Peggy outwits Hanzee with a boiling pot of water.
I don’t think Hanzee wanted to kill Floyd, played brilliantly by Jean Smart but he knew she’d hunt him down if he didn’t. He most likely would have killed the Blumquists if it wasn't for the aliens. 
Episode 9 begins with a bookcase and a book titled, “The History of True Crime in the Mid-West”. We had the usual opening disclaimer that ran throughout the series, but now we had a narrator, Martin Freeman.

Bear Gerhardt would have strangled the life from Lou Solverson if it wasn’t for that spaceship that hovered above their heads. The distraction gave Lou time to reach for his gun and put an end to the massive Bear. By the time Mike Milligan shows up: all the Gerhardts are dead; Peggy and Ed are on the run with Hanzee on their trail, and the space ship is long gone. Next week is the season finale and I am going to miss this show
This was the best of the series and all I could think of was that damn UFO and the reason it was in the series.

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