Monday, August 6, 2012

A Fun Weekend with Family

                                                                    Party Time

                                                                    My daughter

                                                  and her husband
wanted to host a cousin barbeque party and invited the first cousins over with their children.
                               My niece Rita and husband Eric with Mia Rose
                                                               and Jason
My nephew Michael and his wife Amanda arrived with their sons and my sister- in -law Joann.
                                            Jo, Amanda, Martino and little Michael

                                              Also pictured are Lois, Frank and Little Frankie

We have a large family and try to get together as often as schedules permit.
                                        nephew Mike and  my husband Dan                                 
My daughter has a pool and it being hotter than hell, most of the family stayed cool playing in the water.

                        Somehow my son-in-law Jim had tricked Eric into cooking.
Jim and ReRe had a wide variety of good food for all of us to enjoy. I so need to go on a diet.
                                          Jim showing off his wound from a bad accident
Nathan was “The Cool Dude” today. He played with all the little guys and even got little Michael to go into the water.
Mia Rose, my great niece refused to come to me, but as you can see, she loved Nathan.
                                               Nathan, Mia Rose, Little Michael                            
Only two of the desperadoes were home today and Jimmy the oldest had the day off from work. I usually find him either sleeping, eating
                                                       or on the computer.

         The little ones were having too much fun and didn’t want to leave.
                                                               Frank with Little Frankie                                 
Nathan showed me a site on YouTube where this amazing guy does some great parody on some well-known songs.  I’ll share the site with you as an end to a fun day.
                  Maroon 5 - Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa - (Music Video Parody)

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