Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Male Intellect, Dean Martin, Seinfeld, Cousins and Time Travel, Oh my!


This has been a strange week for me. Yes I know, most of my adventures lean towards the strange, but this week I think my e-mail had its brain sucked out by some type of zombie invasion.
 I’ll get back to this story in a bit, but first I want to go back in time to the previous weekend. Is time travel possible? Apparently in some cases, it is.
I had some friends over for a party on August 18th to celebrate Michele getting a teaching job in Washington D.C. I took lots of pictures and posted some in my blog, “Apples to Google+ and Farewell to Good Friends” 
My husband had designed and printed up some business cards for me to hand out to potential agents, editors, publishers etc. My friends asked for a few to hand out to their friends and that is when we discovered the mistake, one letter missing from the word supernatural. Ack!! We had both missed it. Back to the drawing boardL

                                                           new and improved card
I wanted to send a copy of the new business card to my friends with the pictures from the party. I sent the e-mail with attachments, checked the sent folder, confirmed that pictures were sent and then happily went to bedJ

My sister called the next day and I asked her if she liked the new card and the pictures.

“What card? What pictures?  Oh Oh! Trouble…I called my friends and found out that none of them received the e-mail.
 After failing to get anything sent out we had to call in the Geek Squad. To make a long story short…zombies!
I couldn’t use my computer, so I took up my Cousin Don’s offer to go visit our other cousins in Margate for the day. I needed to unwind and I enjoyed my visit, even though it was bittersweet. One of the sisters had passed away earlier this year and she was sorely missed.
                                                           Cousin Marie, far right.
While there, my cousins played a few CD’s that they had purchased and I forgot all about my computer troubles because of how funny these shows were.

You have to buy the CD of Robert Dubac’s “The Male Intellect, an Oxymoron” this is worth seeing. He is amazing and I will be buying his other stuff too.
We then watched the “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts featuring Guy Marks roasting Michael Landon, way too funny.

We also watched some Seinfeld early episodes, but this was always my favorite.

When I returned home late that night, feeling refreshed, happy and stuffed from all the good food that was served, my husband mentioned that he had to restore the computer to the previous week to see if this would help with our problem.
You can do this? Could we do this with our lives? Think of the possibilities. I could go back to a younger, thinner me.
My plan is to sit in front of the computer and have my husband restore me back a few years.

                                                I’ll let you know how I doJ

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