Friday, August 17, 2012

Part Twenty-nine of Lilith's Escape


Edward stood completely still and thought to himself, “It’s a dragon, a damn frigging dragon.” He watched as the creature lowered its scaled head so that Lilith could pat its face.
“I’ve brought you an offering, although it isn’t much my love,” Lilith crooned to the massive reptile.

Edward was surprised to hear what sounded like a purring sound emanate from the animal. “Is this thing, tamed?” he asked her.

The dragon slowly turned its gaze to Edward and the purring sound changed immediately to a growl.
“Don’t anger him, Edward. You’re already on his shit list,” Lilith warned.

“Why, what have I done to him?”

“You can have me in a way that’s no longer possible for him.”
Lilith wrapped her arms around the dragon’s neck, lowered her face against its cheek and whispered into the animal’s ear.

Edward stared into the animal’s eyes and was shocked to see more than animal intelligence staring back at him. The sorrow, pain and loneliness in those eyes made Edward ask, “Who is this?”

“You remember me telling you that I ran away with an angel instead of staying with Adam?”

“Yes…?” Edward waited.

Lilith led the dragon to the corpse and stood back as the beast took hold of the dried up body that was once a living man. “This is my angel…this is his punishment…he can never return to his brothers and sisters, until I make things right.

Edward watched as the dragon sniffed at the body and shook its massive head. This was once an angel, probably content with his life, doing whatever angels are meant to do, but then… Lilith did have a way about her that made men and angels do stupid things. “I’m sorry for you old chap.” Edward reached out and patted the animal on its head.
The dragon huffed, blowing small wisps of dark smoke through its nostrils, but it nodded its head at Edward, as if in agreement. With the body clutched tightly in its mouth, it flapped its leathery wings and took off into the night sky.

“Are there any other cursed mystical beings that have fallen in love with you?” He meant this as a joke, maybe, but when he turned to face her, Lilith wasn’t smiling.


  1. I love the artwork in this snippet of your story. Sooo funny when Lilith told Edward he was already on the dragon's poop list. This type of comment makes Lilith [almost?] human. Great story here. Love the colorful design of your blog. I'll stop by again!

    1. Thank you Victoria. Lilith is from the trilogy that I'm working on and I've been putting her in different settings to watch her evolve for book two. Thank you so much for your support:)