Friday, August 24, 2012

Part Thirty of Lilith's Escape

“I’m sorry,” Edward said, seeing how upset Lilith was with his attempt at humor, “but this is my way of coping with all of this paranormal stuff.” 

“I don’t set out to capture and crush hearts, Edward. I and the others like me were made to be desirable to improve the gene pool for the planet we are assigned to.”
Well, she was desirable that’s for sure, but something Lilith had said puzzled Edward. “What others?” he asked.

“There is more than one Universe and each universe is filled with planets and life forms that have either reached your point of evolution or have surpassed it. When a life form has reached the point of self-recognition, an immortal is sent to improve the survival of the species.”
“Whatever happened to Eve? Wasn’t she an immortal? Did she die?” Edward was curious about the whereabouts of the mother of all mankind. Eve was after all, the genetic cocktail that set the human race on its evolutionary fast track.
“She is alive, but this is all I will tell you.”

“Who’s behind the capture of Lazarus and the zombie that attacked me?” Edward asked.

                                        “The Illuminati are the ones behind this treachery,
                                            along with a few renegade immortals .
                                      These are dangerous times for your world.”

“How do we fight them?” Edward asked, unsure if he really wanted to know.
 “With our very lives, but not tonight. Tonight you are mine, dear one.” Lilith put out her hand for Edward to take.

As Edward took her hand and followed her back to the castle, he gave a cautious glance up towards the sky and wondered what his chances of survival would be if he took Lilith as his, tonight.

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