Friday, August 31, 2012

Part Thirty-one of Lilith's Escape

He was silent as he followed her up the stone steps which led to the bedroom.
He wanted her tonight, more than anything, but when she had entered the room, he remained at the door. She seemed to not notice and sat on the bed where she preceded to peel off her high heel leather boots.
It wasn’t until she had begun to rub her feet that she noticed he was still standing at the doorway.

“Why are you standing there? Come sit next to me.” She seemed puzzled by his reluctance to enter.
“Lilith, do you remember when you asked me to make love to you?”

“Yes, why?” she asked seductively as only she could, teasing him with her eyes, her lips, the simple act of rubbing her feet.

“What about the angel who's in love with you? What’s to keep him from tearing me apart if I even try to take you as mine?”
“So you think me a heartless succubus, using angels and men as toys?
 Come sit with me and let me explain my actions,” she coaxed.
Edward entered the room and sat on the far side of the bed, but Lilith wasn’t happy and got on her knees and crawled over to him. She reminded him of his cat when it wanted to be petted. He pulled her into his arms and said, “Start explaining.”
“I love my angel, but I must give him up and free him from his punishment, to set things right. I must do this even though the very act of releasing him will bring me eternal sorrow. I must do what I was meant to do centuries ago.” She kissed Edward lightly on the lips.
“And what is that?” Edward asked but his attention was on her lips and how they tasted like cotton candy.

“I must mate with man.”

“Didn't Eve already do this?”

"She wasn't strong enough to change the gene pool."

             “And you are?”

              "So Ive been told," she replied and then whispered in his ear, "and for tonight, I'm yours."

“And your lover agrees with this?” Edward asked and quickly glanced over his shoulder at the open balcony. He had heard something just then.

“I haven’t told him yet.”

 “What?” He had heard a scrapping sound, but there was nothing on the balcony. “When do you intend to tell him?”

“Now,” she said and looked past Edward to the balcony.
Edward didn’t need to turn around, he knew who it was by the rising temperature of the room and the smell of sulfur.
“Go…wash the smell of death from your body while I talk to him.” Lilith urged Edward as she moved out of his arms and rose from the bed.
Edward headed towards the door but glanced back to catch Lilith with her arms around a not too happy dragon.

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