Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Interview with Clint Eastwood

My Interview with Clint Eastwood over Tea and Cookies


“I would love to start this interview by telling you how much I enjoyed all the movies you’ve been in, directed and produced. I consider you one of my favorite actors, but that said, my first question to you is, “Why in God’s name would you humiliate yourself in public by speaking to a piece of furniture and not having the courage to speak to the President?”

Clint’s response……………..still waiting……….

“I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand why you would speak to a chair and not to our President? Were you afraid of the truth and that he would give you answers that the Republican Party has not?”

Clint’s response……………still waiting…………….

“Let me get you more tea.
Okay now on to my next question. Do you agree that the Republican Party is making it harder for poor people to vote?
And if they get into office, what’s to stop them from eliminating other groups from voting…like say…non- christians, women or anyone over fifty?”
Clint’s response, “.... .. …”
“I’d rather not make anyone’s day, if you don’t mind. But let’s get back to your convention speech. I feel that the majority of the people on the Republican Ticket live in a bubble and truths are unable to penetrate this bubble. Sort of like Tod Akin's theory on sperm, women and rape. I would like your thoughts on this, please.”
Clint’s response ……………….still waiting……………
“A chain is as strong as its weakest link, going with this scientific theory, isn’t it paramount to take care of the poor,
                                      and the elderly of this great country?”
Clint’s response ………?
                                                      “Yes the word science
                          is in the dictionary.” Long sigh from interviewer.
“Well, I would like to thank you for this interview and that you took the time to share a cup of tea with me and answer my questions.”

Clint’s response……….?
“Oh, my next guest interview will be with my lounge chair in the yard. I will be interviewing Romney tomorrow and I can’t wait.”
Thank you dear readers for visiting my site and stay tuned in for my interview of the Republican Candidate for President.


  1. hahaha! This was great, Marie! You are one funny lady!

    1. Thank you. I knew you would like this:)