Friday, September 28, 2012

Episode Thirty-five of Lilith's Escape


Edward walked over to where Lilith was sitting on the floor and picked up the broken glass. He grabbed a towel and began to wipe up the spilt milk. After the task was done, he knelt before Lilith who still held the cat on her lap and said, “When I found myself back in my own bedroom, I thought that I had dreamt up the last few days.”

“Did you think me a dream or a nightmare,” she asked. The smile on her lips hinted at her playful mood.

“Both, but...” Edward leaned in and kissed her. “I don't care.”
“That may change,” she replied, her smile fading.

“Where do we go now?” Edward asked as he helped her to her feet.

“Get your affairs in order. We"ll be using the car, going forward in time and attacking them in their own backyard.”
“Won’t they be expecting you to do just that? Won’t they be waiting?” Edward asked.

“Maybe, but I have friends that they don’t know about,” Lilith countered.

“Anyone I know?” he asked.

“I’ll return in a few hours,” she replied, ignoring his question. She kissed him gently on the lips and then vanished into thin air.
Edward left a note for the cleaning lady about her duties while he was away, including the care of his cat. Along with the note, he also left several hundred dollars on the kitchen table.
He then called his friend, to tell him about the last few days.
“Be careful mate and come back alive,” James said to Edward.

“You too, mouse and remember that only a head shot will kill them,” Edward instructed before ending the call.
He showered, dressed and loaded the two guns that he was bringing with him, a German luger and a Browning.
While he waited for her, he glanced out the window and watched the hustle and bustle below as people rushed off to work and mothers walked their young children to school.
"I'll do my best to stop them," he promised no one in particular, but he was thinking of future generations.
When the car pulled up to the curb, he headed down the stairs and towards a waiting apocalypse. 

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