Monday, October 1, 2012

Muay Thai, Dinosaurs and Zombies


How is that for a title? I’ll start with Muay Thai first. This past Saturday, my oldest grandson, Jimmy went to Rahway, N.J. to participate in a Muay Thai competition. He won, yeah!!!  Here is the video below. He is the one in the red trunks.

I didn’t go to this event. Jimmy didn’t want me to get upset if he got hurt. Me upset? Why would he think that? Well, maybe it was because at the last event I attended, I was giving the “Granny Stare” to the very large competitor he was scheduled to fight. Now the people from South Philly, especially the Italian people from South Philly, know how powerful the “Granny Stare” is. If an Italian granny is upset and gives you that look, well baby, you’re in big trouble if you’re on the receiving end.
When we misbehaved, my grandmother never had to raise her voice…no, she would just give the stare and I swear whenever she did, paint would peel from the walls.
 I told Jimmy I would control myself for the next Muay Thai event. He laughed. 
Sunday, I went with my friend Jean and her two granddaughters to the Academy of Natural Science to say hello to my fellow co-workers and to spend a nice day out.
                                          Here are the girls in Dinosaur Hall's Dig


                                               In the butterfly exhibit

                                                                 Now I’ll talk Zombies.

I love Zombies and writing about zombies and one of my short stories on the animated dead will be published in the South Jersey Writer’s Short Story Anthology called “Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey". I’ll let you all know the date of our book launch. I also post a weekly episode on my blog called Lilith Escapes and this is all about zombies and some immortal romance. I have a two part zombie novel in a Publisher’s hands, but the very best news is that I was asked to write a weekly review on Season Three of “The Walking Dead” by the Editor-In-Chief of Biff Bam Pop!, Andy Burns. I haven’t stopped dancing around the house yet.

Check out the site for Biff Bam Pop! A website devoted to the world of pop culture, from comic books and video games to movies, books and music.
Check out AMC’s schedule for Season Three of “The Walking Dead” which premieres on October 14th, 9 PM Est.


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    1. Thank you Mieke. It makes it worth all the grief I get because I spend so much time on my writing. Hope to see you soon:)