Friday, October 26, 2012

Episode Thirty-nine of Lilith's Escape


Lilith instructed Edward to use the oars and not the motor on the row boat. “We don’t want to attract any attention to us,” she warned.

Edward’s arms were aching by the time they had crossed over to the other side of the river.
“Pull the boat over to the side and cover it with the camouflage net,” Lilith ordered. While he did this, he noticed her speaking into a small hand held object.

“Who were you talking to and what is that in your hand?” Edward asked Lilith when she had finished her conversation.

When she realized why he was puzzled, she laughed. “I’m sorry. I forget that you’re from the past. This is a cell phone and I’ve just contacted our team.”

“So, it's like a walkie talkie?” he asked and took the phone into his hand.
“Better,” she replied and watched as he examined the phone.

 He pressed a symbol on the screen and when mapping coordinates opened up, he asked, “Is this showing where we are?”
“There are satellites up there that can pinpoint our exact location. They’re here, come on,” she said and walked towards the barbed wire fence.
Edward gave one last glance over his shoulder to where the statue of Liberty once stood. He couldn’t shake the feeling that his own beloved England was in the same disintegration as the States. Holding the phone in his hand, he hurried after Lilith and towards the two people standing in the shadows.
“Who the hell is he?” the male warrior asked Lilith.

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