Sunday, October 7, 2012

Say What???



Okay, I can now say that I’ve heard everything.

Today while I was getting dressed to head over to church with my sister, my husband tells me about a news story he had just seen about a group of teens breaking into a house in South Carolina.

Nothing new about teenagers breaking into a house, you say.

Wait, these teens apparently broke into the house, while the owners were away and had a party and then came back the next day to clean up the mess. Clean up the mess?
 Are we talking about real teenagers? Have you seen my grandchildren’s rooms?
 So let me get this straight, they didn’t think there was anything wrong with breaking into a house? As long as they cleaned up their mess?
 Are they alien pod people?
The “clean teens” made one mistake, they put the whole thing on facebook and rumor has it that they even tagged themselves.

“Hmmmm?” I say to my husband, who has heard other strange ideas spew from my mouth, “What if I left the front door unlocked and a list of chores to be done taped to the fridge? Would Lady Luck grace me with my own “break-in clean-in” teen party?”

“Do you hate cleaning windows and behind furniture that much?” he replied to my question with one of his.
“So, I should leave the door unlocked?” I reply with a touch of sarcasm.
I always go to my sister’s church because normally the priest is pretty cool, but this week he was kidnapped by the alien pod people. After telling us that we shouldn’t talk politics from the pulpit, he talked politics.
I’m looking for something to top off the outfit that I’ll be wearing to the “Witches Ball” in Mt. Holly on October 13th. My outfit is geared to Steampunk and I don’t want to wear the traditional hat, so I’m working on something different and will take pictures to show you.

I have a photo album full of pictures of my mother and her family from when they lived in Italy. I don’t know who some of the people are and my mother is unable to help me because of her dementia.
 Here is some good advice: sit down with your parents while they still have their alert minds and get them to write down the when, where and who of their family history.
People who know me as the fun loving granny of nine are usually taken back by the news that I love to write about Zombies.
 I'll tell you why! We are the Zombies, especially when we follow blindly and never question, when we see that our actions are causing harm to others and yet we continue to behave in a reckless way, when the many gang up on the one, who thinks outside the box. I get most of my inspiration from the news.
I’ll be posting this list on the fridge for any teenager who wants to come over and party. After the party:

1.     Wash, dry and fold clothes.

2.     Clean inside the kitchen cabinets.

3.     Wash windows and woodwork.

4.     Vacuum the rugs, clean dust bunnies from under the bed, and wash the floors.

5.     Scrub and sanitize bathroom.

6.     Wash dishes and put them away.

7     Take the two pups for a walk.
8.  Meat is in freezer, defrost and put into crock pot.

      I'm not sure if this will work since this might possibly be a random house cleaning, but just in case, the note is up.


  1. The teens coming back to clean their mess makes for a good story!

    Now, sooner or later, I need to devise the best way to ask about my family history from both sides. I've already lost one grandparent in the last year. I might not be able to wait for another year.

    1. Do it now because it is your history and it will be lost forever. While you're taking notes also ask about family health problems. This information is worth more than all the tea in China. All diseases are hereditary We are our genes. Thank you for stopping by and paying a visit:)

  2. I really enjoy your blog Marie. It has been so long since chatting with you. So, I want you to know that your advise to ask questions relating to family is a great suggestion. I don't have that opportunity to ask that of either parent. As you may remember that my father passed away in 1997. My mother (Joyce Riebe) passed away just this past April.

    Wishing you and Dan the best! And you will always hold a special and dear place in my heart!

    1. Hi Sheryl, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. Your parents were really nice people. It's so good to hear from you and to know that you're reading my work. Keep in touch. love marie