Friday, September 14, 2012

Episode Thirty-three of Lilith's Escape


Edward took his time washing the slime of the corpse from his face, arms and hands.
 He wiped down his trousers and removed his shirt, throwing it on the floor, knowing that he would never wear it again. How long should he wait before returning to Lilith? He sure as hell didn’t want to upset that dragon again.
He walked over to the window and looked out upon the town below. As nice as this part of the world was, he was anxious to return to England. He was worried about his cat and his friend, James.
“I hope the cleaning lady remembers to feed Lizzie and I hope James hasn’t been visited by any zombies.”
He then headed over to the stairway and listened, waiting for a sign that it was safe to return to her. Would the beast still be there? And if it was, would it’s frustration at losing Lilith cause it to attack him? Knowing he needed to make sure she was unharmed, Edward started up the stone steps. As he climbed the stairs, he listened for whatever sound would clue him to the situation playing out in the bedroom. There was only silence, damn, that could mean so many things.

Finally he entered the bedroom, but where was she? Did she go with the angel after all? After taking a closer look, he saw her on the balcony, huddled like a child. Lilith sat there unaware that he was in the room, wiping the tears from her eyes. The beast was no longer there.
“Are you okay?” he asked. She nodded yes, but did not look his way. He stepped on to the balcony and took a seat next to her on the hard stone floor. “Lilith?”

“I broke his heart…sent him away…to be forgiven and healed. I know I did the right thing…but it hurts.” She looked up at the night sky and uttered, “Now, we’re even. Are you happy?”
Edward had no desire to find out who Lilith was speaking to. He had had enough of the mystical world for tonight. Tonight he needed to feel human and there was one sure way to accomplish this.
 He stood and pulled Lilith to her feet and into his arms. She felt so light in his arms. “Lilith?”
“Yes, Edward.” She was giving her permission. “Yes before all of hell breaks down our door.” She then wrapped her arms around his neck.

He carried her to the bed and after climbing in next to her, whispered, “Just you and me, tonight. No hell, no heaven and no zombies.”

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