Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkeys and Biblical floods


On Thanksgiving day, I went to my daughter's house to help cook the big meal. I was there at nine in the morning to start getting the stuffing ready. We had a wonderful time with all the family, but I did not take home any left-overs. What I did take home was two of the grandsons to help my husband put up the outside lights.

Joshua and Nathan were a big help and they even helped me set up the tree. Later that day, we went on a very long hike and then we played Wii and pool.
The boys stayed until Saturday afternoon after we went on a second hike through the woods. After they left, I had some shopping to do and also I cooked my own turkey dinner with all the works for my husband and I.

I had planned on running out after dinner to do some more Christmas shopping
                                         but there was a disaster. More on this later.

My cousin Don and a good friend of ours, Carmen aka Bob Charger from 98.1 Wogl stopped by for a visit. We talked about the old days in the neighborhood and what changed, what didn't. Good times.
After a delicious dinner, I put the dishes into our old dishwasher.


 I was getting my Christmas shopping list together, which by the way, rivals Santa's list
and decided to throw all the pot holders into the wash. I heard this rushing of water as I entered the basement
 and was greeted by a flood pouring down from under the section where said old dishwasher stood.


Never got out to do any shopping, instead, my husband and I spent the night wiping up all the water and on top of that mess, I still had dirty dishes to do...bummer.

My husband tells me, "I guess this means that we'll have to buy a new dishwasher."

My opinion...God was telling me that I didn't have to cook or wash dishes anymore.

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