Friday, November 9, 2012

Episode Forty-one of Lilith's Escape


“The attack began in 2017, but it wasn’t a war. It was a global massacre,” Bradley replied.

“What happened?” Edward asked the marine.

But Lilith was impatient and called out to them, “There’s no time for chit chat, Edward. You’ll get the facts after I interrogate the prisoner.”
She and the female soldier were standing next to a doorway and although the lighting was poor, he could see how pale Lilith had become. She would need to feed and soon and he was guessing the prisoner would be the one on the menu. Jones gave a few precise taps on the door, a code and one that Edward recognized. The door was unlocked from the inside and opened by another man in uniform.
“Oh…it’s you. Are we slumming today, goddess?” the man in the Israeli uniform teased. He was in his late 50’s maybe early 60’s and where his left arm should be; the sleeve was rolled up and pinned.
“Hello Tzaddik,” Lilith replied and then kissed the soldier on the back of his remaining hand.

The man smiled and replied, “I’m glad you’re here. We saved the dirt bag for you.”

“Who is that?” Edward asked Bradley.

“He’s some type of priest…and…” Bradley was interrupted by Jones who told them to hurry. Lilith had already entered with the man known as Tzaddik and as Edward followed Bradley and Jones into the tunnel, Bradley whispered, “That old man…can kill.”

“I hope so, he’s a soldier,” Edward replied, watching as Jones secured the door.

“With his mind,” Bradley replied and then hurried after the others.
Edward glanced back at Jones and asked, “Did he say…?”

“Yep, now keep up with the others,” she replied and gestured for Edward to start walking.


  1. This is a scary story, Marie. You intrigue me. I like how I was grounded right from the start. I knew the timeframe and just enough about the war to keep me reading. Great job! Keep at it. I can't wait to learn what happens next.

  2. Thank you Victoria. My wish is to get it published as a grapic novel. Wish me luck.