Friday, November 23, 2012

Episode Forty-three of Lilith's Escape

The prisoner sat in the only chair in the room, his arms tied behind him and his head covered by a burlap bag. Edward took notice of the bruises on his arms and bare chest. Lilith walked over to the man and pulled the cloth bag from his head. The man squinted trying to focus his swollen eyes, but when he saw who stood in front of him, his eyes widened.

“Are you here to torture me?” The prisoner tried to act brave, but Edward could smell the fear on the man.

“The people you follow are evil and the man that rules over them brings death to your kind.” Lilith spoke softly to the man.

Edward was surprised when she raised her hand and ran her fingers through the man’s thick head of hair. It was a gentle almost intimate touch and Edward felt himself clenching his teeth, but when Lilith lowered her head and kissed the prisoner, Edward made a move to stop her.
“Let her be,” the man known as Tzaddik whispered and grabbed hold of Edward’s shoulder.

Edward jerked his shoulder away from Tzaddik, but remained where he was, fuming and jealous that someone else was enjoying her touch.
“How many have they infected?” Lilith asked the prisoner while still playing with his hair.

“There were at least two hundred people infected, dissidents who dared to challenge the Illuminati, but they were released some time ago, maybe a week or more…”

“Were you part of this? Did you help infect those people?”

“Yes, I was in charge of picking the subjects that were used for the experiment. It wasn’t that hard, I got them from our prisons.”

“This didn’t bother you?” she asked him.

The prisoner challenged her with his eyes, daring her to attack him. “The madness has spread and you won’t be able to stop it.”
“I will do my best to try,” she replied.

“They’ll know that I’ve been captured.” The man struggled against the ropes that held him as she continued to play with his hair.

She let out a sigh before saying, “Yes, I guess they will, but it won’t matter for you.” She kissed him again and added, “I need to feed.” Her features began to change.
Edward watched as Lilith straddled the man. The prisoner, knowing that he was going to die, fought to dislodge the wisp of a woman from his lap, but Lilith hung on.

 “Edward, if you wish to leave the room, I suggest you do it now,” Lilith called over her shoulder to Edward.

But Edward stood frozen to the spot and watched as Lilith opened her mouth and lowered her fangs to the prisoner's neck.


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