Friday, November 2, 2012

Episode Forty of Lilith's Escape

“He’s a friend,” Lilith replied to the couple who stood before her. The woman and man were both dressed in faded and torn military garb. Not immediately familiar with the uniform they wore; Edward looked for some form of insignia
 and recognized the U.S. Marine badge on their camouflage clothing.

“I’m First Lieutenant Tom Bradley and this soldier here is First Sgt. Brenda Jones.” The male soldier put out his hand to Edward.
“It’s good to see that the Marines are in control,” Edward replied as he shook Bradley’s hand. Edward then extended his hand to First Sgt. Jones, but she kept her arms folded.

“You didn’t tell him?” Bradley asked Lilith. Edward picked up from the tone of the soldier’s voice that he was upset with Lilith.

“Did you finish questioning the prisoner?” Lilith asked ignoring the Lieutenant’s question.

“Yes, they’ve already begun to infect people with the blood.”
Lilith was visibly angry and stamped her right foot. She reminded Edward of a spoiled child every time she did this and he had to hide his grin from the others.

“Bring me to him,” she demanded. Lilith and Edward followed the others as they made their way deeper into the city.
They finally made their way down one of the stairways which led to the underground subway station.
It was a scene that Edward wasn’t expecting. The train that stood motionless on the rails was totally destroyed.
It was most likely due to a powerful explosive, but it was the burnt remains of the countless dead, scattered on the platform and throughout the torn and twisted metal that added to the nightmarish scene.
“When did this war start?” Edward asked Bradley.

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