Friday, May 17, 2013

A Trip to Winterthur


On Wednesday, my two ghost hunting sidekicks and I decided to take a non-ghostly adventure to the beautiful Museum and Garden property of Henry Francis du Pont’s Estate of 175 rooms. Yes, you heard me right, Winterthur has 175 rooms. Can you imagine trying to find your way through that house.

 It would seem like the Lewis and Clark Expedition. We only got to see a portion of the estate; thank goodness or I would still be there. Mr. DuPont was a collector and he had a good eye for early American art and furniture.
The guided tour of the house took about an hour and I claimed two rooms as my favorite;
                                                             The Oriental Room  

We weren’t looking for ghosts, but there were several areas where my friends and I felt them.

Remember even if the house is not haunted, possessions sometimes are. Whatever spirits were attached to the antique furniture were all friendly.

Now for just a few pictures of the garden that we were able to take before the skies opened up and almost washed us away. We will return to Winterthur!

This picture is of a small area of the Enchanted Woods

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