Saturday, May 4, 2013

Neighborhood Ghosts


Last night, investigators Rita, Jean and I, went to a local park to check out the history of the mill, which is no longer there, and the reports of ghost sightings at the Crystal Lake section in Haddon Heights. Because we waited until dark to enter the park with all our equipment, we most likely frightened away some of the people taking late night strolls, plus the wildlife (not talking about the teenagers that trash the park) like raccoons, opossums and skunks.
                                          Haddon Heights and the Revolutionary War

The land was settled by John Henchman in 1699; in 1720, John Thorn Glover dammed King’s Run and constructed a Mill on the property. There are two important facts concerning the park: Betsy Ross was a customer of the mill and may have purchased the cloth used to make a flag; This Park is the site of a Revolutionary war skirmish with British General Cornwallis after the Battle of Red Bank in 1777.
                                          Looking for Ghosts in All the Right Places

                       Jean had her special night vision camera and caught these globes.

 Rita manned the flashlight so that we wouldn’t full into the creek and I took the rear with my camera. There was one section, where my stomach did a cartwheel and I knew something was close by. This shot below was taken as Jean began to ask questions and record the responses.

If you look close, you can see the faint shape of a globe. I took that picture because I had heard movement behind me and because of that nauseous feeling I always get when there is a spirit around.
Jean then began to ask questions with her rod and that’s when we saw the mist begin to form in front of us. Look to the left of the tree. We had established that the person we were speaking to was a Hessian soldier who died at the skirmish. There are globes along with the mist.

We had a good night hunting ghosts and decided to end the night with a drink at Applebee’s; our version of a spirit chaser.


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